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Mark every image with focused image annotation service to measure the dimension from pixel-to-pixel for annotating every image perfectly. Right tools and technology with precise algorithm is necessary to get the results with highest accuracy. Cogito specializes in image annotation technology and image annotation deep learning services.

Why Image Annotation Outsourcing with Cogito Tech?

If you outsource image annotation with us we will give you the most satisfying results while keeping in the mind about your preferred requirements and affordability to deliver a best-in-class image recognition service with following benefits listed here below. Find out why you should outsource image annotation with us and how we make your choice more profitable.

Scalable Annotation Services

Image Annotation with Best Quality

Excellence in work for each project is our prime focus while doing our job. Hence, we follow the strict quality process while annotating pictures to ensure the quality should be at best level that also helps our clients to maintain the image with the easily searchable database.


Turnaround Time with Scalable Solution

We offer image recognition services with the skilled workforce and well-equipped infrastructure to annotate pictures in the shortest time with a scalable solution to handle a large number of images in bulk while making sure we deliver best of quality with quantity outputs.

Data Security

Security of Data at Each Level

The security and privacy of our client’s data is our prime concern while offering such services. Hence, if you are concerned about such things, don’t worry we follow the strict measures to keep your data safe and always private even after delivering the project to you.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing with Pay-as-you-go Model

Once you become our client we make sure you get the best deal with maximum benefits. We have a very flexible pricing structure for different clients as per their customized needs to offer them an affordable image recognition services at lowest charges with best quality.

Wide-ranging Technology for Image Recognition

Semantic Segmentation, Cuboids, Polygons, 2D & 3D Bounding Boxes, Points and Lines are the comprehensive tools used with latest API to annotate pictures correctly. The right tools and API is applicable as per the situation and industries of operations for best results.

segmentic image annotation
image annotation tool

Why Image Annotation Tool and API is Useful?

Image annotation services offered with modern tools and suitable APIs offer great value for the business. It has multiple usages in different scenarios as per the business nature and mode of operations. It can create database from scratch, update database sheet objects, can combine various datasets and also helps in training dataset creation.

Image Annotation Outsourcing with Cogito for Accurate Labeling

Product annotation and tagging of pictures are becoming an integral part of the organizations operating in the industries like E-commerce, Retail, Automobile, and Fashion. The image recognition service is gaining popularity among various other fields where computer vision is playing an important role to mark the pictures in right coding or languages. Cogito is an expert in image annotation service with the perfection in annotating the pictures using the right tools and techniques for labeling every image with the best quality.

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How We Annotate Images or Pictures?

Cogito Tech offers image annotation outsourcing service with complete flexibility and scalability to various industries making their computer vision based projects successful. The images we annotated here involves the process of tagging and sorting into different categories with the right classification that also helps us to easily find or retrieve the images anytime when needed in near future. We use the best quality tools and techniques to annotate images as per the customer’s needs to deliver them a custom service at lowest cost.

The Image Annotation Services by Cogito

Cogito Tech is offering training data service to clients across the world over past many years with the significant presence in the marketplace to provide the best quality training datasets for various industries. We have can handle any kind of requirements in image annotation field. The image annotation services offered by us help our clients develop high-quality training data sets which can be used to train and optimize AI technologies and machine learning algorithms.

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image recognition machine learning

Why Cogito for Image Recognition Service?

Cogito’s trained workforce helps annotate images using a series of manual processes and high-end technology software to offer a faster scale image annotation deep learning suite to build a high-quality dataset for computer vision models. We promise to help you to increase your capacities to get work done fast with improved efficiency.

Trusted by Topnotch Companies with Long-Term Business Relationships

We have worked for best companies having most innovative and successful business models. We have helped them achieve new heights and through our quality service and high cost arbitrage.

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