Gaming Content Moderation for Uninterrupted & Safe Gaming

Online gaming has become one of the biggest sources of entertainment for people to enjoy playing games on their computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. But at the same time, hackers and spammers put their efforts to promote offensive content into online gaming that is not suitable for gamers. For Cogito’s gaming moderation team, it is all hands on deck to make the gaming experience spam-free for the gamers. We aim to ensure and maintain integrity by consistently monitoring objectionable content on gaming sites.


Gaming Chat and Forums Moderation

Applicable for live game streaming and forums, gaming moderation ensures the user-generated contents presented in a particular game or forum. Our Gaming moderators remove malicious or offensive content and regulate such content posted or exchanged between players in forums and message boards. We also actively flag and block spammers, cheaters and other users who can interfere with the gaming sessions or create technical glitches. We encourage a positive gaming atmosphere among all the gamers.


Effective Sanctioning of Suspicious Users

We begin with a warning and muting the players posting inappropriate or offensive comments and messages or sending threats to other users. If such users do not stop posting such spam content, they are suspended and finally banned from the platform permanently. Our moderators can also deal with suspicious users individually after isolating them from the community and advise them to stop performing such actions again.


Uninterrupted Gaming Experience for Users

Cogito – specializes in content moderation services , offers a one-stop solution for moderating the different types of offensive content posted on various platforms. In the gaming world, any kind of interruption for gamers makes their playing sessions unenjoyable. Our veteran moderators ensure that players are able to gain the maximum fun and enjoyment while playing different types of games online.


Effective Gaming Moderation Strategy

We follow an effective content moderation strategy to protect our moderators from the emotional side-effects of doing such a job. While dealing with objectionable content for long hours, moderators become stressful that can affect their performance and productivity. Hence, apart from comprehensive training, we also conduct stress-reducing training sessions to keep our moderators emotionally safe.