Feature Classification or Tagging in NLP and Machine Learning

Feature classification or feature tagging is an approach of correctly classifying or tagging a sizeable amount of data into distinct categories. It is a process of extracting specific features from the images or text, making object identification easier. The goal is to exclude non-informative or redundant predictors from the feature classification model. Usually, huge data volumes are needed for machine learning. Cogito offers high-quality feature classification datasets for machine learning and NLP models using different techniques.

Feature Classification/ Tagging Of Image Data

Feature classification which is also known as Feature Tagging is one of the crucial steps during image processing. Categorizing or tagging pictures given a collection of discrete labels is known as feature classification of image. It is a basic topic in computer vision with several applications and crucial in remote sensing photos. It is helpful in a variety of applications including environmental change, agriculture, surveillance, disaster management, object identification.


Feature Classification/ Tagging Of Text Datasets

Gaining a proper understanding or overview of the topic(s) mentioned in the text is a typical purpose in the feature classification or feature tagging of text. It can combat several business problems as it categorizes text into one or more predetermined categories automatically. If the text is in large quantity, then you can use feature classification for text annotation.

Example :
  • To accurately gauge audience sentiment from social media.
  • Spam and non-spam email detection.
  • Customer requests are automatically tagged, etc.

Why Cogito For Feature Classification Service?

Feature classification carries out a crucial role in various applications and can resolve several business-related problems. We at Cogito offer high-quality services using different feature classification techniques. We have a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals who can efficiently deliver feature tagging NLP annotation and other feature classification services while properly maintaining quality.