Dating Website Moderation Service & Chat Moderator for Dating Sites

Dating websites are another social networking point wherein people submit their personal information like profile images and videos. Few users also post various unusual content that is not acceptable among other users. Hence, removing such content from there is of great importance to ensure the authenticity of the website. Cogito provides a dating website moderation service to moderate unwanted content on dating websites

Dating Website Content Moderation

At dating websites, people come to join and develop relationships with other people using their personal information submitted to their profile. The authenticity of the profile is an important factor to make sure genuine users only join such platforms and become friends. Fake profiles and scammers need to be looked-for and then removed by the dating site moderator working round-the-clock at Cogito.

Chat Moderator for Dating Sites

Controlling the chat among the users is important to ensure positive interaction between the users. Bullying, harassing or sending unsolicited lewd photos are monitored by a chat moderator for dating sites at Cogito. Such users are suspended and if they continuously violate the privacy and safety of other members, they are permanently banned to post anything else from the same profile.


Dating Site Profile Moderation

Few users sometimes create fake profiles on dating websites with the motive to invite others and become their friends. Moderating these fake profiles is also necessary to ensure only genuine users can interact or communicate with each other on their platforms. Not only fake but profiles with offensive pictures or hidden faces are also monitored by the team of moderators at Cogito with quick action and right decision.


Cogito A Right Moderator for A Dating Site

Dating website moderation is a challenging job, but moderators at Cogito are proficient enough to moderate all types of dating websites. We are experts in filtering the contents including spam, swear words, nudity, violence and all other forms of inappropriate content. Our content moderation service will help you in improving the members’ interaction while ensuring the safety and privacy of the users.

Profanity Moderation

Our moderators monitor unusual actions like profanity with a quick response to stop them.

Prevent from Scammers

Watching the scammers targeting the users through dating websites and expose them timely.

Catfishing Moderation

Quick action against the suspected catfishing profiles to protect all the genuine members.

Image & Video Moderation

Removing images & videos having nudity, suggestive poses, the face of celebrities or minors.