Fully Automated and Scalable Data Collection Service

Data is a key source for any invention, collecting the data from reliable sources timely is important to preserve its essence and usability. We collect wide range of data from various fields with highest accuracy. Cogito offers highly leveraged data collection, categorization and enhancement services with fully automated and scalable service.


Natural Language Utterance Data Collection

Different people can use different words, phrases and different sentences to say anything having the same meaning. We can easily find the different ways people express the same request and systematize it with data in order to make it teachable to various innovative technologies like AI and Machine learning to develop the right functional model. We are expertized in data collection for natural language processing needs.


Data Collection with Data Annotation & Tagging

Data collection is not enough, we also add meaning to this data. We annotate videos, audios, images and text to make the information valuable for building, training and testing with machine learning algorithms. We can handle data collection and analysis, annotation and tagging projects in various languages for any location with expertise in semantic annotation, object recognition, data processing services and data enrichment services.


Scalable Data Collection at Faster Speed

We are scalable to handle large amount of data with heaps of request every month for such data operation to make an enriched database. We are scalable to deal with big companies powered by our hardworking distributed team members with improved technology. Our effective screening process and custom software helps to deliver a high-quality scalable data service.


Why Cogito for Data Collection Service?

Cogito is an experienced data Collection Company working with reputed and leading market players mainly operating in speech, machine learning or artificial intelligence fields. We offer a high quality and customize data collection and analysis service as per the needs of the various projects in the fields or machine learning and AI-oriented application developments.

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