Data-Driven Content Moderation Services

Easily accessible online social platforms are allowing audiences to freely express their feelings and words towards a particular product, company, services or any specific community. Such good or bad contents need to be monitored before going to live on your website. Content moderation service protects website from indecorous contents that can affect reputation of your company.

Image Moderation Service

The smart way to recognize the unwanted contents from the suspect images like violence, porn, drug, weapon, offensive weapons, extremism and scammers etc. We offer image content moderation service using the software and human skills to make sure every content on the image is adherent to guidelines and policy of your company. We can moderate any type or format of image with highest level of accuracy and quality.

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Video Moderation Service

A combined approach to moderate videos and provide end-to-end content reviewing solution for videos having explicit or suggestive contents. Our video annotation service is backed with advance moderation techniques to control the live-streaming videos and upload the same by reviewing the length and other norms applicable as per our guidelines. We provide live content moderation and can moderate frame-by-frame with real-time reporting and action.

Benefits of Content Moderation

Content moderator controls the user generated content moderation like comments, videos and images to make sure they are acceptable by your brand and within the guidelines or policy of your company. Cogito has workforce that moderates contents on real-time basis protecting reputation of brand and goodwill of your company.

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Social Media Content Moderation

Social Media Content Moderation

The actual need of content moderation is at social media platforms where audiences, customers and community members are free to post anything as per their state of mind. If you have presence on social media networking sites you need a dedicated content moderator to screen all the comments, feedback or reviews and make it favorable for your company or brand.

Sorting the Good from the Bad

Content moderation is all about sorting the good from the bad without affecting the reputation of your company or brand. And sometimes little modification can make it positive improving the brand image among the customers helping company to establish a strong relationship with the help of content moderation services through various online platforms.

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Why Content Moderation with Us?

We offer a real-time content moderation services for user generated contents on social media and other online platforms. We provide spam content detection services and can remove spam content, and take away unsuitable content, whether it is an image or video. We offer a customized solution with accuracy and dedicated resources within your budget.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

Moderating the bad contents, we help you to protect your brand by keep monitoring and reviewing the negative contents from online threats, scammers and hackers.

Effective Campaign

Effective Campaign

Our skilled content moderators ensure reviewing all types of contents posted on online platforms with quick and effective actions to moderate the contents timely.

Customized Service

Customized Service

Making the content moderation needs more personalize and flexible, we provide a fully-customize service as per the resource availability, budget constraints and timings.

Cost Effective


To ensure the budget and financial capability of our clients we render a very cost-effective content moderation service while maintaining the quality and efficiency every time.

Technology Backed Scalable Transcription

Quality Control

Quality is important to get the accurate and effective results. To uphold this approach we adopt the most effective methodologies on pre and post content moderation to get best results.

Pricing Flexibility

Flexible Pricing

As per the increasing demand and achieving the economies of scale, the costing would be also come down, providing a scope of flexible pricing if volume accelerates in near future.

Multilingual Content Moderation Service

We are supporting the wide-ranging languages to moderate the user-generated contents available in the multiple languages spoken in US, Europe and other continents.


Protect your customers by moderating online content as soon as it is submitted


Take advantage of multilingual and multicultural moderation outsourcing professionals


Leverage speed, scalability and personalisation that make all the difference


Ask for premium moderation services and prepare to be amazed

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