Online Community Forum Moderation Services

Forums and online communities provide a platform to discuss various aspects related to your products and services. Although, the freedom to speak freely on such platforms also encourage users to give negative views or comments. Controlling such bad comments is necessary to protect your community at the same time ensure your brand image or reputation remains optimal in the market. Cogito comes with the community forum moderation service to moderate the spammers and keeps the community user friendly.

Why You Need Community Moderation?

To make the communication between the community members more collaborative, a moderator keeps them engage in a worthy discussion while ensuring appropriate and spam-free communication. A community moderator can create content rules that block, replace, flag or allow you to review and approve member-generated content. Cogito provides community moderation services by keeping a close eye on members’ activities and protects your community from spammers and malicious members


Community Moderation Activities:

  • Remove Flags Directly in the Community.
  • Moderating the list of Flagged Posts Comments.
  • Moderating the list of Flagged Files in the Community.
  • Moderating the list of Flagged Posts in the Community.
  • Delete Inappropriate Posts, Comments, Messages or Files.

Forum Moderation Services

Forum is meant to discuss the relevant topics, but few users misuse such platforms. A single line of disapproving text coming from distorted brains in your community channel can cast a negative impression on your corporate image. We, at Cogito, offer solutions to support your moderation needs to monitor and filter unscrupulous content being created everyday. We can label, tag, and mark every disapproving data from the forum in real-time, which in any sense seems malicious or offensive. Discord moderation experts to Slack moderation wizards, we have a bunch of experts to rectify unacceptable discussions happening in and around your corporate communication channels and online discussion forums.


Making the Community Spam-free

Meaningful conversation is important in a community and community moderation works as a moderator to ensure there is no spam or unusual comments or violent discussions being carried out. Cogito provides the content moderation service for online communities while enticing the members and commenters to make their conversation more interactive. Thereby, staying on-topic in every discussion they participate in. To ensure this strategy, we also apply expertise in moderating blog comments on such communities.


Controlling All The Activities of Forum

Supporting the different types of forums with the capacity to moderate all topics and replies containing external links, Cogito offers the cross-platform forum moderating service at the best price. Our human moderators ensure the smooth flow of discussions across the forum threads and also assure the solid implementation of the posting guidelines as per the community owner’s rules and regulations. Cogito is working with the team of online community moderators to keep an eye on any inappropriate activities in the forum.


Multiple Platforms

All types of online communities and forums are moderated with the same level of dedication.

Flexible & Scalable

Forum and community moderation, as per the activities and presence of the members in a group.

24X7 - Moderation

Round-the-clock monitoring on the forum to ensure break-free moderation across the threads.

Active Moderation

Keeping an eye on every activity and moderating the spams actively with the right action.