Children Website Moderation Services for Kids Safety & Ethical Learning

Online teaching and digital education has encouraged people to allow their kids to explore study materials online and learn from websites providing such instructive materials. Meanwhile, websites meant for kids might contain content not suitable for them. However, with the help of content moderation services, such offensive content can be controlled or removed from websites meant for children.

Chat Moderation for Children Website

Kids chatting with their friends or other people on their relevant websites need to be monitored and moderated with parental control. Any kind of offensive discussion among the children is thus moderated by experts making such platforms useful for the kids. Cogito is providing the children’s website content moderation service in order to defend children from child predators and hackers.


Visual Content Moderation for Kids

Visual contents that are not suitable for your kids also need to be monitored closely to keep them away from negatively suggestive content. Allusive videos, gif images, and other visual content visible through website ads or other promotional activities are immediately removed from kids’ websites. We are working with professional content moderators who are determined to moderate all the unwanted content from kids’ websites.


Child Safety with Seamless Learning

A child visiting educational sites and other learning platforms needs to be monitored to make sure that he/she is learning the right things. Hackers and child traffickers target these websites to invite such kids on their own websites and persuade them to share their details. However, moderators at Cogito are determined to monitor such spammers and moderate content, unusual traffic, and other suspicious activities on websites meant for children.


Why Cogito for Children Site Moderation?

Monitoring the contents for kids needs extra precautions to make sure they are away from objectionable contents. Cogito can do this job smartly by detecting any kind of specious activity on children’s websites and moderate the same before it even becomes visible to kids. We are using the most advanced tools and working with a team of professionals, making such a website suitable for kids.