Moderation for Online Advertisements & Agency Campaign

Online ads can boost businesses by inviting several potential customers. Being misled through such campaigns may turn out to be harmful for your venture. Controlling such ads or online campaigns becomes a necessity to run a scammer-proof campaign and to achieve a stellar growth for your business. Bringing in more interactive engagement to your ads with campaign level moderation services. We offer online campaign moderation, enabling you to reach your target audience and drive higher revenue growth.

Make your Online Ads More Effective

Besides being pocket-friendly, Online Advertisements also attract Startups and existing businesses from different locations. A successful advertisement not only boosts sales but increases audience engagement by improving your branding. We are determined to monitor online ads to give you a spam-free online campaign, while stopping the spread of misleading details among your audience.


Be the Gravitational Pull for Partner Business

With a well-moderated ads campaign, you can entice more business partners with descriptive, accurate, well-maintained and carefully designed campaigns and online ads. This skillful content moderation strategy helps to get more clicks on your banners driving even more users to your website. We also manage online ads on social media and other platforms to make bogus-proof ads for wide-ranging businesses.


Real-Time Monitoring of Users Engagement

Apart from moderating the Ads contents, we can also monitor the engagement of users in real-time. We can employ moderators to track the online traffic and authentic engagement of the users. We also distinguish between the genuine followers and fake profiles by classifying them to make sure you run your marketing campaign smoothly. We carry out this task with the help of an efficient group of moderators to utilize your promotional plans.


Cogito Moderates Ads & Agency Campaign

Campaign moderation contains both reactive and automated moderation to avoid explicit or offensive content from being displayed on your website. Hence, we have appointed a team of highly motivated moderators to constantly check the content and maintain its quality. Campaign Moderation helps to make your online ads or agency campaign more effective in terms of higher conversion rates.