Audio Transcription Services

Audio Transcription Services

Audio Transcription Service for Accurate Speech to Text Conversion

Take advantage of the technical & language expertise of the world's largest hub of transcription experts to have your audio files converted from speech to text with 99% accuracy. Cogito, a leading audio transcription service provider, has been fulfilling the market's transcription needs for over a decade — get us on board to get sorted for your audio transcription requirements.

What is Audio Transcription?

What is Audio Transcription?

The essence of audio transcription lies in the written representation of any verbal communication. You can accomplish so much more when you learn to use it properly. Audio transcription enables you to create an entirely new experience for your audience through text converted from speech. Cogito's audio transcription experts are skilled enough to appropriately repurpose your audio content making it globally accessible for multiple business purposes.

Why Audio Transcription?

Since the business world has become more diverse and dynamic, audio content in a wide array of industries has become increasingly valuable, increasing the demand for transcription services. While the media and marketing industry use transcripts to enrich their text content published online and offline, legal service providers need speech-to-text-converted data to keep the textual records of the audio of their case hearings. Audio transcription services are, in fact, needed by an endless number of industries — maybe you do too.

Why Audio Transcription

Cogito Leads Transcription Market by a Wide Margin

Cogito's transcription team works in tandem with language experts and advanced speech recognition technology to deliver the best turnaround times and accuracy for speech-to-text conversion.

Accuracy on a Promise Accuracy on a Promise

A high percentage of our words match industry standards. Each transcription project is assigned to thoroughly trained and experienced transcriptionists to deliver accuracy on a promise.

Human-empowered Transcriptions Human-empowered Transcriptions

We use a human-empowered transcription process to go word by word to ensure quality transcription, unlike other transcription agencies, which rely on machines for speech-to-text conversion.

Quality Assurance Quality Assurance

Transcription services provided by us are accurate and reliable. Speech-to-text transcribers are monitored and rewarded based on their performance, which keeps top talent on board at Cogito.

Our Audio Transcription Approach

Human transcriptionists take the lead in Cogito's speech-to-text conversion process, integrating the approach with the front-end technology used for audio transcription.
Below are the six steps we follow for performing audio transcriptions:

Accessing & Analyzing Audio Files Accessing & Analyzing Audio Files

We take access to the audio files from the client and analyze the size and format for drafting an initial plan for speech-to-text transcription.

Understanding Transcription Requirements Understanding Transcription Requirements

Having analyzed the audio data, our transcription experts communicate to the client to understand his transcription requirements.

Performing Transcriptions Performing Transcriptions

Our professional transcriptionists transcribe the audio files keeping in mind the client's requirements and language standards.

Reviewing Transcriptions for Quality Reviewing Transcriptions for Quality

The quality of every transcription performed at Cogito is thoroughly checked before it is assigned to our team of proofreaders.

Proofreading & Editing Transcribed Text Proofreading & Editing Transcribed Text

A team of experienced editors proofreads every section of every transcription, appropriately adding timestamps and speaker tracking.

Getting Transcriptions for Final Delivery Getting Transcriptions for Final Delivery

We review the final output of the transcriptions for any errors or omissions to ensure the transcriptions are ready for final delivery.

Audio Transcription Use Cases

The audio transcription services have a wide variety of business uses ranging from analyzing audio data for text extraction to storing important audio notes in the text format for future reference. Six of the following are among the major industries that require audio transcription services for their use:


Call centers and BPOs are required to maintain textual records of everyday customer service and support calls.


Transcription services are needed for dissertations, lectures, seminars, and webinars at educational institutions and learning centers.


Transcriptionists are often employed by journalists and media companies to transcribe interviews, podcasts, and documentaries.

Branding & Marketing

Companies involved in marketing and branding use audio transcriptions of client interactions to understand and plan their promotional activities.

Branding & Marketing
Legal Services

Law firms may need to bring audio transcription services to the table to maintain the textual record of case hearings, arbitrations, and evidence.

Legal Services

The healthcare industry finds value in audio transcription to keep track of research interviews, discharge summaries, medical reports & consultations.


Let Us Be Your Outsourced Transcriptionist

Whatever the size or scope of the project, Cogito guarantees quality and accuracy regardless of the number of languages or dialects you speak. At any stage of development, we can provide scalable solutions to complete the project in accordance with flexible demands. Our transcription team combines the best of the human workforce with the most advanced automated transcription applications to deliver the best results at every level of transcription.