AI Assisted Data Labeling Service for Faster Image Annotation with Higher Accuracy

Humans-in-the-loop is doing a great job in labeling the data for machine learning training. Though, human-powered annotation gives you quality training data which is crucial for the success of an AI model, huge requirements of such data demand more efficiency. AI-assisted labeling is born here: A mix of automated tools and manual annotation to perform the data labeling tasks for faster segmentation of the targeted object in the images with high accuracy.

How AI-Assisted Labeling Works?

AI-enabled data labeling tools are used by the annotators to point out the edges roughly of the interesting object, making it easier for the AI for further accurate annotation of the object. After AI-assisted annotation, the labeler checks and makes the final correction to ensure accuracy. We offer data labeling services with AI-assisted tools and techniques.

Labeling with Better Speed & Accuracy

In the age of huge training data requirements, doing this job precisely is not enough. Also, the need to achieve efficiency means, there should be an increase in the productivity of data within a given timeframe. In this process, AI-assisted tools can do the labeling process faster and at better accuracy. Hence, AI-assisted data labeling is becoming extremely significant to get the best datasets.

Leveraging the Manual Labeling with AI

AI-assisted image labeling process becomes handy with an edge over a fully-manual annotation. AI technology is leveraging the manual labeling with multiple times faster results. AI-assisted annotation can utilize the power of an AI and the intelligence of humans to create world-class training datasets for deep learning and all types of complex machine learning models.

AI-Driven Image and Video Labeling

ML-assisted labeling into data annotation is like applying the semi-automatic labeling process that is assisted by both machines and humans to make the final annotation. There is scope to perform all types of image annotations like bounding box, semantic segmentation (3D), and polygon, etc. Cogito also offers AI-assisted video labeling and all techniques of image annotation.

Cogito – AI-Assisted Image Labeling Service

AI-assisted data annotation service by Cogito offers multiple times a faster output by reducing the time and manual labeling efforts. This semi-automatic data labeling approach gives annotators more time to check the quality, thereby ensuring high productivity. We can use your annotation tools , our tools, or third party tools whatever works best for your specific project. Our annotators perform annotation using their skills and the features of AI tools to create appropriate training datasets for all types of Computer Vision models.