Visual Search

Generate training data for Computer vision and Autonomous vehicles

Sentiment Analysis

Strengthen your brand through customer sentiment analysis

Search Relevance

Train your search algorithms through structured data sets

OCR Transcription

Transcribe financial statements, invoices, receipts quickly and efficiently

ChatBot Training

Integrate AI Chatbot for automated messing system to assist customers

Image Annotation

Select and categorize objects in images for AI or business intelligence

Data Collection

Collect big data using our skilled and scalable workforce

Audio Transcription

Fast and accurate transcription of audio files to texts

Machine Learning

Categorize and moderate data for machine learning algorithms

Healthcare Training Data

Disease diagnosis automation with IA based healthcare training data sets

Content Moderation

Moderate images, videos and content accurately and in real time

Data Classification

Turn big data into rich data through accurate categorization

Video Transcription

Secured and high-quality video to text transcription

Virtual Assistant

Train machine learning algorithms through structured data sets

Contact Center Services

A one-stop contact center solution with multiple channels of communication