Polyline Image Annotation with Line & Spline Annotation Services

Train the AI-enabled vehicle perception models to detect and define the lane accurately on the roadway. With the line, polyline and spline annotation services, Cogito provides high-quality machine learning training data sets for autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars.


Lane detection for Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars or autonomous vehicle perception models are required to detect an accurate line and length of the drivable area. Line annotations help autonomous vehicles by detecting the lanes accurately. Thereby, defining the right directions, traffic, bicycle, divergence and the surroundings for smooth and trouble-free driving on city roads or highways.


Polyline for Accurate Path Detection

The polyline and spline annotation equip self-driving cars to detect the lanes on the roads/highways/city streets. We need the raw data of streets and our annotators will label the lane using the lines or spline annotations techniques. Such lanes on road become easily recognizable by autonomous cars to drive on the right path.


Line Annotation for Road Surface Marking

To make the various types of road surface marking recognizable to self-driving cars, the polyline annotation is used precisely with right polyline annotation tool. Accurateline marking makes the entire road direction recognizable to visual based perception model. Cogito properly draws a line parallel with such road surface marking on the streets.


Why Cogito for Line or Polyline Annotation?

Cogito is an expert in developing high-quality training data sets for self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles with precise image annotation services. For Polyline image annotation needs, it can create huge amount of data sets at affordable costs facilitating machine learning engineers to develop a successful AI model for autonomous driving.