Polygon Image Annotation for Computer Vision Object Detection

We are making the irregular shaped coarse objects recognizable to computer vision based machines like self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles. We are providing a human-powered image polygon annotation service with next level of precision.

Detect Polygonal Shapes for Computer Vision

Detecting the irregular shapes or coarse objects on the road is not possible for computer vision-based machines, unless it has been properly labeled. Polygon annotation is the right image annotation technique makes such polygonal shaped objects recognizable to autonomous vehicles and self-driving cars to drive in the right direction.

Polygonal Shapes for Computer Vision
Semantic Segmentation for Irregular Shapes

Semantic Segmentation for Irregular Shapes

Polygonal annotation is also used for semantic segmentation for asymmetrical objects detection ensuring the better observation by visual perception models. It helps autonomous cars and self-driving vehicles, understand its surroundings like a real-world scenario improving the accuracy level of AI-based autonomous machines.

Objects Localization for Aerial View Imagery

Uneven shaped objects captured through drones or satellite imagery can be easily localize using polygon annotation service. Cogito annotates varied objects like house rooftops, chimneys, pools and trees. It is also providing 2D polygon bounding box annotation service for both irregular shaped and coarse object in images and video.

Objects Localization for Aerial View Imagery
Hire Polygon Image Annotation

Hire Cogito for Polygon Image Annotation

Polygon annotations by Cogito is suitable for objects detection like road sign boards, logos, and various poses of humans in sports analytics or other objects of interest with best accuracy. It is providing high-quality training data sets for computer vision machine learning and AI-backed models developed for different sectors.

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