Metadata Capture Services for Websites & Social Media Pages

Capturing the crucial information of web pages making available for the businesses. Yes, metadata is a piece of important information about the websites or web pages that help users to get an idea about the page and what kind of information is available on this page. Cogito provides metadata capture services for all types of online pages, websites and online portals with precise information of these pages at a faster speed.


Website Metadata Capturing

Website meta contains useful information like page meta title, meta description, category and keywords from the SEO perspective. We can capture such information from websites with additional information to make the metadata more useful. We also find out the other meta details like author, date and subject etc., as per the requirements of our customers looking for such metadata.


Social Media Metadata Capture

Just like website metadata, social media metadata gives insight into the users on this platform. The metadata captured here includes social media users information like who you are, where you live and where you spend your time online. We can extract such useful information to provide you with the essential and contextual information on social media sites allowing marketers to retarget you with tailored content.


All Types of Metadata Capture

Apart from social media, We also offer the metadata capturing service for all types of metadata. We can extract metadata from various categories including descriptive, property, technical, preservation and markup etc., to capture information like titles, authors, date, comprehension, heading, name and other useful details. We can do this job at a better speed while ensuring the consistent timely delivery.


Outsource Metadata Capture Company

Capturing the metadata is not an easier task, as it is important to know what kind of meta information should be extracted from web pages. And we know very well what is important and capture the essential information to give you the most accurate details. We have multiple domain experts to perform the metadata capture services with precise information rendering to our clients from the various businesses domains.