A Social Impact to Human Resource

Cogito is not only utilizing the power of human-in-the-loop, but also brining the socioeconomic changes through job opportunities offered to new generation from various communities. Along with training and skill development, Cogito operates with the motive of providing the employment to experienced as well as fresh graduates or undergraduates with deserving pay scale. It is a great place to learn and earn while developing a meaningful career in technology with further scope and growth opportunities in the industry.

Work Culture at Cogito

The work culture at Cogito is not only highly professional but also very comfortable providing a causal ambiance to employees work without any stress. Working here is really a fun and enjoyable to staff breaking the boundaries between work, play and a meaningful brainstorming session. We give opportunity to everyone with complete training and education to work with us and enhance their skills helping them to turn into a capable digital professional.

Our all-inclusive approach motivates employees, empower them in skilling development to underprivileged men and women providing them a great scope on the technology sector with a highly motivated and encouraging options in future.


Work with Gender Equality

At Cogito you will find the amazing combination of male-female ratio working with equal pay scale and designations, providing a great platform to work together without any gender disparity. Female employees get here complete security and admiration among the entire team and management.

Our work environment is equipped with all ultramodern amenities and completely safe for everyone, with strict rules, regulations and actions for any kind of unusual activities, especially against women.


The Welfares and Benefits at Cogito

Apart from regular remuneration, employees working at Cogito, enjoy various other benefits like healthcare, insurance and allowances making their livelihood more viable in such expansive living world. At education front, we provide full flexibility with support to employees choose to continue their education while working helping them to achieve their academic learning. We also encourage our employees to refer their siblings, friends or relatives, to apply for job opportunities with us if we have openings in certain divisions. Our team leaders always strive to motivate such learners and identify their key skills helping them to utilize the same for career growth.

Cogito family

Over the last few years, average family income has grown multiple times after joining the Cogito


of employees have financially supported family members to pursue their studies.


of our employees have invested part of their income into in a new sanitation system at home.


of our employees want to build a professional career at Cogito with better prospects.


of our employees invest in secured funds creating the long-term assets for their family.