3D Point Cloud Labeling Services for LIDARs

LIDARs – the most essential sensor for autonomous vehicles, operating at higher levels (L4-L5) of autonomy. Using deep learning algorithms need a huge amount of training data labeled through point cloud annotation. And annotating the LiDAR point cloud data is a challenging take due to low resolution, complex annotation process, and time-consuming. But Cogito performs this job perfectly with expertise in image annotation services to create training data for machine learning algorithms.

3D Point Cloud Annotation for LiDARs

In cloud annotation, the object up to 1 cm can be annotated with 3D boxes labeling the objects at every single point. To make the objects recognizable in both environments indoor and outdoor, 3D point cloud annotation is best suitable for precise detection through LiDAR sensors. Using the right tool and technique, Cogito can annotate any type of data generated through LiDAR.

3D Point Cloud Annotation for LiDARs
Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation

LIDAR point cloud segmentation is the technique used to classify the objects having the additional attribute that a perception model can detect for learning. For self-driving cars, 3D point cloud annotation services help to distinguish different types of lanes in a 3D point cloud map to annotate the roads for safe driving with more precise visibility in 3D orientation.

Point Cloud To Detect Objects with 3D Boxes

3D boxes to detect the objects more precisely and tracking including the single points with excellence to gather the details like size, location, speed, yaw, pitch with class. Cogito data annotation team uses the most advanced 3D point cloud labeling tool to label different types of objects including other objects of interest dimensions like cycling & pedestrians drivable lanes.

3D point cloud labeling
LiDARs Point Cloud Annotation

LiDARs Point Cloud Annotation Detecting Lane

Detecting the road lane and tracking the object with multi-frame, Cogito can rapidly label moving objects across multiple frames. And with semi-automated, interactive annotation assists one click annotation of 3D objects with a fully customizable labeling process. LiDAR helps to detect the lane more precisely and understand the real scenarios around you.

Why Cogito for Point Cloud Labeling Services?

Cogito works with the annotation team having an enriching experience working with point cloud data, 3D Object tracking with 2D mapping, semantic segmentation of point cloud data with applications in intelligent vehicles, and autonomous terrain mapping and navigation. Annotators here can segment point cloud data using polygons & paintbrush tools with the labeling of photogrammetric point clouds following LAS standard delivering top-notch quality data for LiDARs in autonomous vehicles developments.

Point Cloud Labeling Services

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