Landmark Points Annotation Services for Facial Recognition

Landmarking points annotation for precise detection of shapes in various sized faces for computer vision. Cogito provides landmark point annotation to detect facial features, expressions, emotions and poses of humans or other types of objects of interest.

Annotation for Human Poses in Sports Analytics

To understand the human poses in sports through computer vision, landmark points annotation works best to train the AI and ML models. Landmarking with different points helps algorithms estimate the posture of sports persons or athletics in a group while playing a game and performing the different types of actions during the contest.

landmark points annotation
facial landmark annotation

Landmark Point Annotation for Facial Recognition

Recognize the facial features, expressions and emotions with facial landmark annotation. Detect the human gesture and facial expressions using the landmarking annotations that helps to find out the actual density and measurement of the object within the particular area helping machines to understand the humans expressions.

Key Point Annotation Precise Gesture Recognition

Using the key point landmark annotation the gestures or humans with precise labeling from one point to another point on the faces. The movement trajectory can be estimated with each point in motion making machines to recognize human faces or poses. Cogito is annotating with best level of accuracy to develop the right facial recognition applications.

Key Point Annotation
landmark annotation tool

Hire Cogito for Accurate Points Landmarking

Cogito provides landmarking point annotation solution with world-class image annotation facility at low cost. Capable to produce the large quantity of training data sets for facial landmark annotation, Cogito uses the right landmark annotation tool quality result. The point landmarking is done under proper supervision and guidance at Cogito.

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