Hire Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist

Hire world-class machine learning engineers to fast track your AI product lifecycle. With Cogito, you can engage machine learning data scientists from remote locations without having to employ them on your payroll. Our team of experts have the right knowledge and skills sets required for design and development of AI applications and implementation of right machine learning algorithms with tests and experiments.

Machine Learning Engineer – Scope of Work

Cogito’s Machine Learning Engineers and Data Scientist can help develop the best ML models and create a winning AI strategy for your company. Description of machine learning engineer jobs include various tasks and responsibilities.

Job Responsibilities of Machine Learning Engineer

  • Study and transform data science prototypes and algorithms.
  • Responsible for Machine Learning coding and model development.
  • Understand data structures, data modeling and software architecture.
  • Design the right solution architectures for applications for ML models.
  • Choose the right training datasets and data representation methods.
  • Fully involved in ML Model training and testing and deployment.
  • Research and implementation of ML algorithms and tools.
  • Collaborate with data scientists and engineers to build data sets.
  • Analyze large, complex datasets to extract the key statistics.
  • Develop machine learning applications as per the customize needs.
  • Perform machine learning testing and experiments.
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues with existing or new ML based systems.

Hiring Machine Learning Experts is Challenging!

Finding the right machine learning engineers is a challenging task for companies as there is a shortage of such engineers who can develop innovative applications based on AI technologies. Appointing full-time machine learning engineers can also be expensive and time consuming process. Often times you may also have to compromise on the quality of the candidate you are hiring.

Machine Learning
Machine Learning Engineers

Benefits of Hiring Cogito’s Machine Learning Engineers

Are you debating on whether to hire a full-time machine learning engineer? Are you looking to develop a proof-of-concept? Want to add some extra capacity to your machine learning team? Do you have budget constraints? This is where Cogito’s contractual workforce of expert machine learning engineers can provide you with flexible options to accomplish your end goals. There are many benefits of working with our machine learning data scientists.

Skilled Workforce

Talented Pool

Choose from a pool of highly talented machine learning engineers and domain experts.

Flexible Pricing


Lower your hiring, recruitment and employment costs. Cogito offers significant cost arbitrage.

Contractual Flexibility

Contractual Flexibility

Hire hourly or project-to-project basis. Cogito’s offers complete flexibility to align with your business objectives.

Security and Confidentiality

Security and Confidentiality

Work on sensitive applications with full data security and confidentiality. We are a SOC2 Type1 certified company.

Companies having opening for remote machine learning jobs can get the best engineers having great knowledge and experience in the relevant filed. Cogito engages in machine learning hiring as per the customized needs and budget of our clients. Hire machine learning programmer, machine learning expert, python machine learning engineer, machine learning freelancer or developers for azure machine learning feature engineering.

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