AI Edge Cases Annotations for Machine Learning with Human-in-the-Loop

It is challenging to avoid instances where the algorithms do not function as expected in Artificial Intelligence models or functions with low confidence. Edge Cases in the real-world data are frequently to blame for these occurrences. When AI begins to function in the actual world, Edge Cases emerge in the model due to data ambiguity. It's vital to run Edge Cases manually to check if the algorithm modifications have an undesirable effect on current capabilities. Cogito provides high-quality Edge Case last-mile services and solutions to reputed AI businesses with our automated API integration process.

Cost of Ignoring Unresolved Edge Cases

Reasons for Edge Cases in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Although Edge cases in AI models are difficult to predict, majorly there are three main reasons why Edge Cases occur:

  • Bias - the machine learning system is too simple.'
  • Variance - the machine learning system is overly naive.
  • Unpredictability — the ML system works in an unpredictable environment.

Cost of Ignoring Unresolved Edge Cases

The Cost of Ignoring Unresolved Edge Cases in Labeling Projects

Unattended Edge Cases can lead to severe negative consequences. Single-digit failure rates can result in maintenance and intervention costs that far surpass any benefits AI technology would have yielded. If the Edge Cases are caused due to a lack of quality training data, you'll have to start model training from the beginning again. This is why you require last-mile solutions along with accurate data labeling for your model to produce reliable results. This is one critical advantage that Cogito offers, being a single platform for annotation and Edge Case management.

Cogito solving critical Edge Cases in AI

How is Cogito Solving Critical Edge Cases in AI?

Cogito's Edge Case Solutions & Last Mile Automation for AI & ML System that does not include humans-in-the-loop to deal with Edge Cases may be economically unviable and inaccurate. Cogito integrates its platform API with your ML model and receives only Edge Cases requiring manual validation with low SLAs & low turn-around times. Combining human intervention with technology to weed out Edge Cases on a real-time basis, Cogito enables AI companies to sharpen their machine learning models with more intelligent management of Edge Cases.

Deploy your AI Model in Real World with 100% Accuracy

Despite creating the best machine learning models, training the algorithm with the most sophisticated datasets and running several rounds of tests, Real World data can still be tricky & confusing for Machine Learning. This can even lead the model to an inconclusive state generating latency and low confidence results. Get the privilege of working with real world data with 100% confidence with Cogito. Cogito's Last Mile Solutions empowers real world AI applications by analyzing data in real-time with low confidence by deploying a seamless combination of Human & Technology.

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