Document Processing Service with Annotation for Data Extraction & Verification

Extracting the key information and processing the document with annotated data for machine learning and other business purposes. Cogito document processing services extract useful information from wide-ranging documents available in different formats PDFs, Word Documents, JPEGs and more. Get here advance document extraction service to gain actionable insights from a vast corpus of documents.

Data Extraction from Varied Documents

Using the bounding box annotation, data extracted from the document with the right identification. Wide-ranging documents including credit card, bank statements, invoices, receipts, paystubs, Government issued IDs, passports, customer acquisition forms, mortgage applications, loan applications and other financial documents are used to extract the useful information with the best level of accuracy.

Types of Documents Annotated for Extraction:

  • Commercial Invoices.
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Government Issued IDs
  • Loan & Mortgage Forms
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Income Proof or Paystubs
  • Purchase Orders & Invoices
  • Customer Acquisition Forms
Document Data Extraction Processing

Financial Document Data Extraction Processing

Extraction of key information from financial documents like bank statements, credit card statements and other financial statements is crucial unless using the right techniques. Cogito can precisely annotate the key information to make it recognizable for machine learning projects. And all such document is processed in a highly secured and confidential environment to ensure the privacy of data.

data extraction from documents

Extracting Key Inputs from Invoice & Receipts

Commercial invoices and business transaction receipts are annotated to make the key inputs recognizable to machines. Cogito with human-in-the-loop workflow extracts useful information using the right data annotation technique like bounding box annotation. It is working with turnaround time and scalable service to meet the customer’s deadlines and requirements of the businesses.

document annotation

Document Annotation with Data Security

Cogito can annotate to extract the right information from the document with complete data privacy and security. To make the personal documents anonymize it can blur the placement of dummy names to ensure compliance with data privacy norms as per the internal data security standards. Cogito is certified with SOC2 Type II and follows the GDPR and CCPA controlled data security standards.