Deepfake Detection Services for Images, Videos and Audio

Deepfake comprises of AI-based generated fake images, videos or audios that embarrass people like politicians, celebrities and other popular personalities. They usually become victims of such fake actions. Detecting such deepfake technology is difficult for machines or AI-backed systems, especially if they are not trained with the right quality and amount of data sets. Cogito offers Deepfake detection services for fake images, videos and audios created by deepfake technology using its own Deepfake datasets and algorithms.


Detect Deepfake Images with Accuracy

Comparing the fake and original images from different angles or checking the faces with the help of experts only, can help you to detect such fake images. The manual deepfake detection can be a little time consuming but more effective in various situations. Cogito detects the deepfakes with highest accuracy for all types of images of any person.


Deepfakes Video Detection Services

Deepfake videos are mainly targeted for politicians and popular celebrities or actors/actresses to understand the truth behind it. In deepfake videos, along with face and voice, lip movement of a person is manipulated that becomes hard to recognize for a normal person.

Deepfake algorithms are then used to find similar faces and morph them with famed people. Mainly celebrities, especially females are targeted into making pornography by morphing them with different actors. We have a database of all the well-known personalities in the world and our experts can detect such faces in videos by checking the face and expressions of the targeted person from every angle to ensure highest accuracy.


How We Detect Deepfake Videos?

Detecting deepfake videos is not an easy task unless an expert has the necessary experience to recognize unusual activities or actions that do not seem to be genuine. The various factors considered during deepfake video detection are: the quality of the video, crop effects around the mouth, eyes, neck or irregular blinking of eyes, unnatural movements or inconsistency of skin tones and changes in background or lighting and hairstyle or color.


Deepfake Detection Services with Cogito

Apart from detecting the deepkfake contents like audio, video and images, we also provide training data sets for deepfake Machine Learning to develop the right AI models. They can detect the deepkfake contents with optimal accuracy. Before training such models, we prepare thousands of images for the same person and also spend significant time to improve the quality of facial pictures detecting the different types of deepfakes easily.