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Computer Vision Datasets for Object Detection in AI & Machine Learning

To understand the scenario around the world, machines utilize computer vision technology. The AI models developed through machine learning need a huge volume of computer vision training data to detect, identify, classify and track the various objects. Cogito is adept at generating high-quality training datasets for machine learning-based AI models developed through computer vision.

Computer Vision for Object Detection

Computer vision (CV) is used to detect objects visible in an image or a video. In order to do so, the most popular image annotation technique – bounding box annotation is used. It helps to locate the objects that are placed in a given scene/video. Object detection is different from object recognition which only assigns a label to an image.

Computer Vision for Object Tracking

Object tracking is another discipline within computer vision that aims to track moving objects in any videos. Here, objects refer to people, animals, vehicles and other objects of interest visible in natural surroundings. Bounding box annotation draws frame-by-frame on moving object in the videos and helps computer vision-based machines to track them.

Data Annotation for Computer Vision

From object detection to track for computer vision, everything is possible for a machine with data annotation services offered by Cogito. We provide adequate inputs for an accurate understanding of the visual world. Ensuring detailed and precisely annotated images/videos to improve the performance of your model.

Image Annotation Solution

With wide-ranging and most popular data labeling techniques, Cogito provides a complete image annotation solution to produce data sets for computer vision training. We are render advance and intuitive image annotation services for all types of computer vision-based AI developed models such as self-driving cars, drones, AI security cameras, robotics etc.

Video Annotation Solution

Make your AI model capable to track the moving objects in the video with clear-cut video datasets. Our video annotation empowers in-depth visual perception for autonomous vehiclesdrones, and robots. We use AI-powered tools to convert your video into a sequence of images and produce high-quality training data for machine learning.

Image Annotation Types & Techniques for Computer Vision

Bounding box

Bounding Box

Drawing a box to capture the object of interest in an image or video making it recognizable for CV.

3D Cuboid

3D Cuboid

Making the third dimension of an object recognizable with 3D cuboid bounding box annotation.



Polygon annotations are done for irregular shaped objects wherein we draw precisely with contours.



Making facial recognition possible with the use of key point landmark annotation for human expressions.

Polyline Annotation for Lane Detection


Polyline, line and spline annotation is used to detect the lane and path on the road for self-driving cars.



Sematic segmentation annotation is used to classify, localize, detect and segment single class objects.

3D Point Cloud for LiDARs Sensing

Lidar 3D Point

Precisely drawing the 3D point cloud annotation for LIDARs 3D object to track by 2D mapping.


Other Annotations

Any kind of customized image annotation for varied objects in diverse fields for computer vision.

Computer Vision Use Cases

With the widespread use and innovation of Computer Vision in AI. We bridge gaps, by making data accessible and available altered to your specific needs. We provide our clients with the one-stop resolution for high-quality datasets for computer vision in the areas of healthcare, retail, agro, and many more as cited below.


Self-driving cars to manufacturers to meet automotive Computer Vision needs.


AI-based medical imaging analysis for the precise diagnosis of the ailment via Computer Vision.


To equip Retail and E-commerce industries for a better shopping experience.


Providing CV in robotics-drones helps farmers for agriculture and farming techniques.


Without Computer Vision, training in AI robotics is unable to perform crucial tasks of material handling.

Security Surveillance

Data for CV in CCTVs monitors unusual activities within 24-hours surveillance for enhance safety.

Autonomous Flying

Drones with Computer Vision provide an aerial view of wide-ranging areas and other activities.

Media & News

AI-based computer vision is playing a big role in the media and news industry for 24/7 coverage.

Computer Vision Training Datasets for Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Computer Vision in Artificial Intelligence is playing a crucial role in detecting and tracking numerous objects. Even for autonomous vehicles, the ability to recognize the objects that come across the street increases safety not only on busy roads but also in an accident-prone area. At Cogito, we enable Image and video annotation to generate the right training data to suit not only your needs but to make you more flexible with extra efficiency.