Why Social Media Content Moderation is Important for Online Platforms & How it Works?

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Social media is one of the most widely accessible online platforms people use to share their personal views, opinions and express their feelings with a few show-offs of their social life with their friends. Now it is also used for business promotions and commercial activities, to engage with users and target more customers.

On social networking sites, users can freely upload anything on their wall posts that can be viewed by other users. Taking the advantage of uploading the content freely and sharing among the larger group of audience, few people are misusing such online platforms and post objectionable contents.

Hence, controlling such offensive content is important to keep normal users away from such things. The objectionable contents could be anything like nude pictures, videos and images of violence and sexuality, etc. which can be disturbing for people of different age groups and for different sections of our society.

Content Moderation Services

Content moderation services are a way by which we can control such content on online platforms. Such offensive content is closely monitored by the experts or you can say, content moderators, who check them and allow or remove, if found objectionable. A dedicated team called, ‘social media content moderators’ especially the contents on social media networking sites like Facebook & Twitter etc. monitors the contents uploaded and moderates the same before making it available live on the platform.

What is Social Media Content Moderation?

The content posted on social media networking sites is moderated through social media content moderation services. Moderating the user-generated content on social media platforms is known as social media moderation. People who are doing this job dedicatedly are known as social media moderators or you can say the designated community members of the social media platforms.

How Does Social Media Content Moderation Work?

When a user uploads some content it is automatically reviewed by the AI-based content moderation system. If anything is found objectionable, it is either removed or sent to the community for approval. When it comes to social media moderators, it is thoroughly reviewed to make it visible to everyone or remove from the user’s account with additional action like blocking the user with a warning.

Content Moderation in Social Media

Content moderation on social media is used to monitor the different types of content uploaded on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and various other websites. There are different types of content moderation techniques used to moderate the content. In social media moderation, few contents are approved after uploading and few are moderated before getting live.

Types of Contents Moderated on Social Media Platforms

Apart from images and videos of violence, few spammers, also post sexual or nudity related contents like, sexual activities, pornography, offensive signs, stripped images of people, especially females with revealing dresses and erotic gestures that are against the community guidelines of the social media websites.

types of contents moderation

Few social media platforms are also against the various other contents like weapons, including guns, drugs, alcohol and disturbing crime scenes. All such contents are mainly moderated through social media moderation companies with quick and effective action to remove before they become viral.

Moderation Techniques for Social Media Content

There are multiple techniques used to moderate social media content. Pre-moderation, post-moderation, reactive moderation, and user-only moderation are the major types of content moderation techniques used to control the spam contents and make such platforms neat and clean for the end-users.

In pre-moderation, contents posted undergo reviewing to check whether it is appropriate for the other users or not. While in post moderation, users are allowed to post the contents online on a real-time basis, and then the inappropriate contents are filtered out once discovered that they violate the social media community guidelines or are against the rules and policies of the social media community.

In reactive moderation, users participate in flagging down the inappropriate content posted online. This process is usually applied in comments on sections where the offensive contents are, abusive comments, and words that seem to be bullying, or arguments. Such contents are being monitored by the moderators to make them clean.

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Similarly, in user-only moderation, users determine whether the UGC is appropriate or not. If a post is reported or seen as inappropriate several times, then the content will automatically be hidden. The best part of this moderation technique is, there is no added cost of hiring a content moderator to moderate such contents, as it is done without anyone’s help.

Why Social Media Content Moderation is Important?

Moderating the content on social media websites is important, as now such platforms are used to promote businesses, products and brands and such spam contents can disappoint other customers and discourage them to either stay away from such platforms or minimize the use of social media sites.

Another reason behind moderating the content on social media platforms is that moderators also get a chance to directly interact with the users and they can get the feedback about the company, brand or products to improve their services and after-sales customer support for better reputation in the market.

The importance of content moderation on social platforms also lies beyond the business purposes. Controlling the spam contents is more important, so that common people don’t see such contents, especially underaged people, who become addicted to watching pornography and such explicit content.

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With live content moderation service, such images or videos are removed immediately from the social platform, helping every age population to stay away from such contents. People also avoid watching such things publicly, as it makes them embarrassed in various situations when noticed by others.

Social Media Moderation Companies to Moderate Unwanted Contents

Though, social media networking sites have their own moderation team to keep an eye on such contents and remove them before going live. There are many categories of contents uploaded every minute globally that makes it challenging for them to handle the huge amount of spam contents at a time.

social media moderation companies

Hence, social media moderation companies do this job for social networking sites and remove unwanted content with quick and effective action. These professional companies have well-trained and highly experienced social media moderators to react quickly to conversations about your business and monitor and analyze the spam contents at the same time tracking social media campaign activities.

Cogito is one of the well-known social media moderation companies that offers round the clock content moderation service to detect and remove unwanted content including photos, videos, and live streams. It is working with world-class content moderators to moderate different types of contents while ensuring the privacy of the companies for which it is working as a moderator.

Cogito is providing the social media content moderation service for all the leading social media networking websites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumbler, TikTok and other platforms with a high level of accuracy in detecting such unwanted contents. It can detect all types of erotic and suggestive contents with quick action and proper effect across the channels.

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