Why Content Moderation is Important for Your Business?

October 06, 2018   |   IN Content Moderation   |   By Cogito

User-generated content (UGC) is becoming a powerful source for customers influencing their minds while choosing or buying a product or service. 50% of consumers say UGC is the most trustworthy type of media than any other source, and even 35% of consumers think it is more memorable than any other form or source of providing such content.

However, publishing of such UGC also comes with lots of risks in terms of poor brand reputation and defaming the brands through offensive or inapt harmful content generated by end-users. To control such invasive UGC, user generated content moderation is the best tool that helps to control such contents and protect the reputation and image of your business, company, product, services, or brand in the marketplace. So, let us find out why your company needs a content moderation service or why it is critical for your business.

Brand Protection with Care for Users

Anyone can share UGC in any form like pictures, texts, or videos through multiple online channels like social media, forums, blogs comments, contests, or other online platforms. Many people can share hateful contents that damage your brand and influence the customers with such UGC that finally impacts the reputation of the company.

Content moderation is the most suitable job that helps to quickly classify such contents and control them before it affects the brand image of your company. These content moderators also help to stop trolls, bullies, negative reviews, or feedback given by your existing customers or unknown people trying to damage the brand image of your company.

Understand Your Customer’s Sentiments

Content moderation helps you to understand your customer’s opinions, feelings and thought towards your company, product, services, or brand. UGC helps to understand the views of customers and what they think about your product or service. And content moderation helps to interact with such targeted customers and offer them better products and services.

Content moderators discover the actual pain or perception of customers that you don’t know and these moderators interact with such people and use using sentiment analysis tool to get more comprehensive feedback to improve service and offer them a better product with the value for the money. Content moderation with positive intents will not only help you to protect your brand and users, at the same time make data-driven decisions before launching a new product and how to make crucial decisions for marketing campaigning.

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Scale Your Campaigns with Rapid Actions

Content moderation is one of the best tools to scale your campaigns and drive marketing strategies. If you are looking to host a contest or launch a new product or get more reviews or can crowdsource a new idea with help of an efficient content moderation strategy to rapidly scale such campaigns without getting any negative feedbacks or effects on your brand.

You can use social media platforms to analyze the UGC and reform the strategy to run the campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or other social networking channels. Using this tool, you can review the contents posted on your website before any hateful content is exposed to your customer and the best part of this job is that moderators can work from different locations around the world while increasing the engagement with customers.

Improves Online Traffic and Website Ranking

If you are monitoring your brand or company’s official online pages, UGC will give the best method for driving more online traffic to your web pages that also helps to improve the overall ranking of the website. The increase of such online traffic will also generate interest of customers in your brand that helps to create a better brand image in the marketplace while increasing more social engagement through your website.

UGC on social platforms will allow you to run a contest or solve any challenge to keep them more engaged make the conversation more productive also encourage the new users to participate and appreciate your brand, product, or services offered by your company. When new users engaged more with your website or linked pages, then search engines pay more attention to the content providing a surge in online traffic with significant improvement in the overall ranking of a website.


User-generated content is playing a crucial role in understanding the customers and their state of mind. And content moderators can monitor UGC to make it favorable towards a particular brand or company and if you hire a professional service provider offering content moderation services you can establish a reputed brand image of your company.

Cogito is the right place where you can meet the requirement for spam content detection services with effective implementation and solutions. Cogito has expert content moderators to provide data-driven social media content moderation services with a completely customized solution with accuracy and dedicated resources within your budget.

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