What Does a Virtual Assistant do and what are the key areas it works?

March 5, 2018 3 min read By Cogito Tech. 1004 views

People around us always need a kind of assistance to help them at various stages of life even for daily activities. A human cannot assist another person everywhere to solve his queries, so here Virtual Assistant technology comes to assist and meet their day-to-day tasks.

This assistant not only helps you to run your business efficiently, but they also help you to run your personal life smoothly. It can take charge of not only day-to-day business actions but can also take hold of day-to-day personal tasks so that you can keep focused on other jobs. They can send flowers, cards and can book a taxi for you on your voice command or a click away.

Despite all these features, there are few limitations to what they are allowed to do legally, because basically it is the internet that allows them to do a particular task. Virtual Assistants can perform a few tasks very well but are deemed rude or could be legally wrong to ask explicit questions.

Just like a physician assistant, there are certain limitations to tasks that can be performed, and often a virtual assistant cannot take the place of a person. But they can help people to take some tasks and let them focus on growing the business instead of focusing on upkeep.

With all of that, it is hard to find what exactly a virtual assistant can do, because they often do so much, except few limitations. Though, despite these limitations, there is certainly a grey area that most virtual assistants can interfere and can perform certain tasks. So, let us find out what a virtual assistant does and how it can influence your business.

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What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Before we discuss anything more about Virtual Assistant let us know what exactly it can do and what are the tasks it can perform for humans to make their life easier. It can cover a wide range of crucial tasks in different fields like accomplishing from travel plans to personal life or scheduling social media activities etc. Though it can cover many areas let’s see few critical areas they focus more on with significant results.

Research and Development

One of the key areas where Virtual assistant is doing a great job is researching for business, brand or start-up to save unlimited hours of time and energy. It is identifying potential investors, finding office space or events, or can collect market data. Apart from this, Virtual assistants can research and plot competition, market share or goal, etc., and can compile useful information in the presentation to make it sharable to investors or clients to help them in taking decisions.

Manage Social Media Activities

Nowadays social media has become one of the most important online platforms for business to promote their brand or keep in touch with customers to offer the best service. Virtual assistants can manage your social media account, schedule posts, or monitoring the daily content, virtual assistants can gather statistics, create reports, and observe client interactions helping business owners to grow their social media presence more strategically.

Managing Account Emails

Virtual assistants managing web-based tasks like managing mail inboxes for email account holders. In this arena, it can contact e-mails, general questions, job inquiries, and even more through email. Though they cannot do full-time customer service they can do lots of things like answering your emails, create filters, organize e-mails, and respond to queries of a limited number of customers. Isn’t it enough to help you in your business to use the mails more interactively keeping you in touch with your clients and business associates?

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Scheduling Organizational Tasks

Just like your personal assistant, Virtual assistants can also handle the scheduling tasks like arranging meetings amongst a team, organizing a calendar, or making daily programs, a virtual assistant can focus on the essentials so you can get back to work without missing any task. Virtual assistants can help business leaders in scheduling travel, book flights, book taxies, hotel booking, and lots of other tasks when you are traveling. On personal life end, virtual assistant training online can maintain daily tasks like scheduling appointments with doctors, sending gifts, and answering the phone call or send thanksgiving cards on your behalf helping you manage your personal and professional life easily.

Apart from these crucial areas, virtual assistants can help in various other sectors like finance and accounting. Though owing to lots of calculations and evaluations, virtual assistants can’t do too much in the financial accounting sector, but they can help you to maintain the budget, make purchases and keep track records of your expenses and tax liabilities.

In general, a virtual assistant can a particularly useful application for businesses or brands, as they can handle multiple types of tasks like scheduling, social media, researching, and more to make sure your business runs more productively. Using virtual assistant training interactively in businesses allows core teams to think more creatively or involve in taking strategic decisions for driving their business forward and grow their top-line growth in the long term.

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