What are Chatbots and how they are changing the World of Business?

February 20, 2018 3 min read By Cogito Tech. 1047 views

Artificial intelligence is increasing its footprints almost everywhere helping humans to perform various tasks independently with automated functioning apps. AI is now integrating with Chatbot that works for assisting customers in solving their queries online while learning their behaviors.

A chatbot is emerging as one of the next big gold rushes in the field of online marketing, so let us learn what is Chatbots and how they are changing the world of business.

What Exactly Chatbots is and How it Works?

Machine learning Chatbot is like a chat robot that simply interacts with online users/customers to answer their questions and gives information based on queries asked by them”. It is power-driven by a set of pre-programmed instructions backed with Artificial Intelligence to work on different types of messenger and online chatting platforms.

They work like an invisible human assistant that works independently as per the common interactive behavior of people while asking common questions to a set of complicated questions asked by users. The AI programming works here when Chatbots learn lots of things like the behavior of customers while interacting with them to respond accordingly in near future.

Customize Shopping Experience for Online Customers

The best and most promising use of Chatbot training services is nowadays for Ecommerce companies dealing with unlimited customers 24-hour to assist them if they need any help for a certain query. Chatbot provides a completely customized shopping experience with messaging platforms like virtually trying wearable items, read reviews, track your orders and get answers for particular questions, etc. This could be a wonderful experience for customers to save their time and efforts while purchasing products online through such AI featured online platforms.

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How ChatBots are Different from Virtual Assistant or other Similar Apps?

Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortona, Amazon Alexa’s, and Google’s Assistant for Android and other computer platforms are the best-known examples of Virtual Assistant and Chatbot. These applications have a more elevated intelligence level to interact with humans. A Chatbot can not only answer your questions but can even guess what you might ask and makes suggestions accordingly.

For example, if you ask about the weather conditions outside, a Chatbot will not only tell you the level of temperature but also may suggest you carry your hoodie if the climate outside is extra damp. Deep learning Chatbot can even remember past conversations and get smarter with every stage of interaction and respond accordingly to help users in a better way.

How Chatbot is Relevant to Business and what that Mean for Your Business?

With the rise in the use of digital-based services through multiple devices, people are now spending more time messing through apps or interactive on social media networks. Though there are millions of apps available on the app store most of them are abandoned after a single use. While on the other hand, instant messing apps that always remain on their phones.

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Facebook and What’s App has been downloaded by billions of people are extensively used by them on their smartphones and further users are increasing day-by-day. This trend encourages more and more teenagers to spend extra time on smartphones sending instant messages instead of spending their time on social media networks or other online platforms.

Chatbot training data set are deeply used to develop such virtual assistant applications. And this is the best opportunity you cannot afford to miss, as it is human nature to try new things. The time has gone by when building a new app was the entire buzz and would not you like to try if your friend has built an app, the same thing is going to happen with Chatbots. You must follow your customers all the time and need to be there with them what they like to do, as Chatbot is changing the world of business and likely to play a major role in changing business dynamics.

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