The Next Big Thing in Image Annotation in 2022

April 25, 2022 4 min read By Cogito Tech. 823 views

One of the most important jobs in computer vision is image annotation. Computer vision essentially aims to give a machine eyes — the capacity to perceive and comprehend the world — through various applications.

Machine learning initiatives appear to unleash futuristic technologies that we never imagined conceivable occasionally. Augmented reality, automated voice recognition, and neural machine translation are just a few of the AI-powered technologies that have the potential to alter people’s lives and enterprises all over the world.

Computer vision can also provide us with incredible technology (autonomous cars, facial recognition, and unmanned drones). However, without data annotation that includes image and video annotation, none of these astonishing computer vision capabilities would be conceivable.

So, this article will define the next big thing in the image annotation in 2022.

What is Image Annotation?

Adding metadata to an image is known as an image annotation. Meta-data is a type of data in which multiple aspects of a picture are stated using a keyword, which is also a type of data. A car is to be labeled as a car. This data is incorporated into machine-learning algorithms.

Types of Image Annotation:

Image annotation is crucial for teaching a machine to add appropriate metadata information to an image automatically.

There are three types of image annotation methods.

1. Image Annotation Based on Retrieval:

2. Image Annotation Based on Classification

3. Image Annotation Based on Probabilistic

Returning to the original topic, what are the different forms of image annotations?

Different forms of image annotations are based on algorithms are:

Bounding Box Annotation

bounding box annotation

Making a rectangle drawing of lines from one corner to another of an object in an image as per its shape is known as bounding box annotation.

Polygon Annotation

polygon annotation

Polygon annotation is one of the quickest and best ways to annotate different things for machine learning. The boundaries of an item in the frame are annotated with the highest precision in this procedure, which aids in identifying the object with the correct form and size.

This sort of picture annotation technology is utilized in sports analytics to recognize various things such as street signs, logos, and face traits for more broad recognition.

Cuboid Annotation

3d enabled perception

This is also known as 3D cuboid annotation, and it entails using high-quality labeling and marking the approach to highlight things in three-dimensional drawing forms.

It aids in calculating the depth or distance of various items such as gadgets, buildings, and automobiles and identifying the volume and space of the object in people. Construction and building structural disciplines and radiology imaging in medical areas require 3D cuboid annotation.

Text Annotation

text annotation

Giving labels to a text document is known as text annotation. Even for humans, human language may be challenging to interpret, no matter how sophisticated robots get.

Specific criteria emphasize phrase components or structures in text annotation to prepare datasets for training a model that can efficiently understand human language, purpose, or emotion behind the words.

Semantic Segmentation

semantic annotation

The objective of semantic segmentation, also known as picture segmentation, is to group sections of an image that belong to the same object class. Because each pixel in an image is classified according to a category, it is a type of pixel-level prediction.

Image annotation is frequently part of a large-scale data set and is a time-consuming task. When specialists manage the data safely and adequately, outsourcing the work might be a far superior alternative. Cogito is one of the top alternatives for image annotation services around the globe, being one of the leading data annotation companies.

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Use of Image Annotation in Machine Learning

Using image annotation in machine learning is to make the item of interest identifiable to computers via computer vision. And according to the requirements of the visual perception model’s training data sets, several sorts of image annotation procedures.

Not only is image annotation used to recognize, categorize, and segment the objects in a single class, but it is also utilized for object detection. Different image annotation techniques aid in recognizing, classifying, and segmentation objects for accurate machine detection. Image annotation is mainly used in AI models such as self-driving automobiles, autonomous vehicles, robots, flying objects, and other automated equipment.

Best Tools for Image Annotation in 2022

Choosing the best image annotation tool might be difficult because many tools have almost identical functionality but differ in specific ways. Below is the list of top 3 annotation tools that might be helpful in 2022.

1. Imglab – A web-based tool is used for labeling photos for items that may be used to train object detectors like dlib. ImgLab is cross-platform, operates in the browser, and requires no installation. It just uses a small amount of CPU and memory. It may handle a variety of formats, including XML, dlib, pts, Pascal VOC, and COCO.

2. VoTT (Visual Object Tagging Tool) – VoTT is a Microsoft annotation tool with a few unique features that set it apart from the competition. This utility is straightforward to install because you can get the installer for your operating system from their Github website.

VoTT may also export to Azure Custom Vision Service, CSV, CNTK, Pascal VOC, Tensorflow Records, and VoTT Json, among other formats. There are several aspects of VoTT that may be explored to annotate images.

3. CVAT – The Intel-developed CVAT (Computer Vision Annotation Tool). CVAT, like VoTT, offers video annotation in addition to image annotation. The creators of this program also created a specific CVAT YouTube video, although it is now outdated because CVAT has undergone significant upgrades, as seen by the UI alone.

Top Image Annotation Companies

Most image annotation initiatives start with finding and training annotators to accomplish the duties. And to do this critical task, a specific tool or program and technical competence are necessary so that one can precisely annotate an image.

To assure the quality and correctness of each project, it needs time and focuses on completing each annotation work. And it takes a lot of time and experience to make such a large number of annotated photographs, which is doable with a skilled team of annotators.

Companies like Cogito and provide high-quality image annotation services at flexible prices.

However, because each project will have distinct needs, annotators in these companies are entirely taught the standards and norms of each annotation project.

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