Reasons to Outsource Medical Data Annotation Services

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Modern technology like Artificial Intelligence is assisting doctors and other health professionals in delivering more accurate diagnoses, making better decisions, and delivering more personalized care. However, to build an advanced AI-enabled healthcare technology, a significant amount of medical data annotation is necessary to educate machine learning algorithms.

Outsource Medical Data Annotation

Having quality training data for AI and Ml means the quality model that can help our prominent doctors and healthcare professionals with more accurate results and effective treatment.

We all know that AI-powered machines cannot completely replace human medical experts, but they will surely enhance their operational capabilities and effectiveness. To get superior quality results from these AI-enabled machines, we typically need high-quality training data. There are several tools that are useful in medical data annotation.

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The irresistible temptation of annotating data in-house is customary nowadays. Organizations think that annotating data in-house will save money as they can easily tap on the employees who are getting paid monthly.


There are several other concerns that force companies to go for in-house annotation services. Security, time, privacy, are some of them. But few more important questions require answers while annotating the data within the organization.

1. Is excellent quality maintained while annotating the data?

2. Is it scalable?

3. Is it also hampering your other in-house tasks?

4. Is it affecting the employees’ overall productivity?

Apart from these, there are several other questions that the research team should properly address when the organizations go for in-house annotating. This realistically is the fundamental thing to do when companies go ahead to develop AI or machine learning algorithms.

To address these and similar kinds of questions, we have assembled a few key points and reasons on why you should outsource the training data.

Data annotation is a crucial activity that industry experts should solely perform. And when we talk about medical annotations, then medical professionals who properly understand the nuances of the industry should only perform. It is because the self-learning models typically require plenty of annotated information to train before they go live and even slightest of the mistake can affect the overall result.

Following are the reasons you should outsource medical data annotation services:

Several companies had appreciated the potential of outsourcing the annotation services. Outsourcing annotation services allow a company to operate with highly experienced and specialized annotators. It is also more suitable for high-volume data or projects that require annotators to work for short periods regularly. Some other pros are:


Outsourcing annotation services are very cost-efficient as it saves your company’s lot of cost. Not only the cost of labor but you can also save overhead expenditures such as renting office space, purchasing equipment, and other expenses.

Save time & Increases employees’ productivity.

Outsourcing saves a lot of time which directly enhances the productivity of the employees and they can focus on the other official tasks. Performing annotation to the in-house employees can affect the results of other projects/tasks.

Different tools for numerous tasks.

Data annotation requires several tools as per the need. Putting extra time and effort into modifying/creating/ purchasing tools is not worth it. When you outsource these services, you can be certain of getting quality results.

According to published research, the data annotation tools’ market size will surpass USD 7 billion by 2027.

High security and assured privacy.

Data security and privacy are of utmost importance. When we talk about medical data, then it becomes more significant. Being a SOC 2 Type II,GDPR/CCPA, HIPAA Certified organization, Cogito maintains the most ethical standards when it comes to the security and privacy of the data.

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Why outsource medical annotation services from Cogito

If quality, security, and cost are your primary concern then choosing Cogito is the answer to these concerns. You can partner with Cogito to annotate your medical data. For medical AI applications, accurate annotation of medical images is critical. The company offers high-quality annotated medical datasets for building advanced AI healthcare applications. We provide medical annotation services while properly maintaining a secure environment. Our flexible working models provide accuracy, scalability, elasticity, and cost advantages to AI-oriented healthcare companies.

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