How Machine Learning Helping Companies to Improve the Work Processes?

January 19, 2018 3 min read By Cogito Tech. 1100 views

Machine Learning (ML) as a service is becoming a bigger role player for companies or organizations working with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology-backed operation systems. The investment of corporates into artificial intelligence is going to jump into many folds due to the huge scope and business opportunities working with innovative AI-based business modules.

Machine learning is the actual part of AI that helps to implement the training data set with the right combination of algorithm and API to develop a software, machine, tool, or application that can work while learning the behavior of the users and respond accordingly. ML is playing a significant role in expanding the growth of the companies and optimizing their work process, so to find how Machine Learning helping companies to improve the work processes we are discussing some concrete examples to justify these points.

Making Customer Service more personalize

ML-enabled customer services are becoming more personalized at the same time minimizing the cost and improving the interaction process faster and effectively. Using the historical customer service data for training, and perceiving the language process with the right algorithms allow learn from previous interactions and how often customers ask questions and give them a suitable and useful answer. Virtual assistant services and chatbots are actively handling the customer’s query and also becoming the first preference of customers to get quick responses to compare to humans.

Automation of Financial Processes

AI can also accelerate into many areas of the financial process (except few transactions). A human tracking a financial transaction can stick in a confusing situation what to do with any excess or shortfall when any payment comes without an order, conversely, AI can easily increase the number of invoices that can be reconciled automatically. Similarly, with the help of AI while learning the customer’s spending habits, financial institutions can offer better products or services while reducing the amount of work outsourced and utilize the staff for strategic works.

Recruitment of Right Candidates

Shortlisting and hiring the most suitable people for jobs is one of the most complicated parts for recruitment firms and HR departments. AI-based software or applications can easily shortlist candidates who have more potential and suitable for the company to achieve success and also avoid humanly biased implicit in prior hiring. However, the software can also flag biased language in job descriptions by detecting the highly qualified candidates are ignored due to outdated potentials. Machine learning software as a service has a major role in the recruitment field now.

Detecting Theft and Frauds

In data security zone, ML is also playing a significant role by detecting frauds or illegal thefts through various modes. Using the right algorithm AI based models helps to track the historical transactions or information of social network account and using the other data sources, AI can use the pattern recognizing to spot the abnormalities, offenders and outliers who can commit such crimes. This can help to detect and avert fraudulent transactions on a real-time basis. Banks AI models can discover doubtful payment patterns and generate alerts or block the transaction.

No doubt, Machine Learning empowers companies to transform their business process thru digital intelligence with lots of potentials in different areas. Envisaging such demands, software companies are not tending towards investing in developing AI-based software and applications and providing more comprehensive solutions to their customers.

However, the availability of accurate and suitable data is one of the most concerning factors while developing machine learning-based AI models. Hence, companies like Cogito Tech are providing high-quality training dataset services for machine learning. Companies looking to implement ML into their work process can get complete training data service at low cost and operate with quality service for better efficiency and productivity across the floors.

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