How AI will Improve Healthcare Services in 2019?

January 15, 2019 2 min read By Cogito Tech. 1206 views

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more imperative in the healthcare sector making the treatment and Medicare process more effective and effortless. Further with more ground-breaking innovations, in this field healthcare industry will be also benefiting on a larger scale.

Although AI is already is playing a crucial role in providing better treatment and care facilities to patients helping them to recover at a faster rate with the least agony and time spend. In 2019 various discoveries are under the pipeline, let’ see how AI will help or improve healthcare in 2019 and upcoming years with more upgraded AI-backed services.

Medical Imaging with More Level of Accuracy

AI is increasing its significance in the healthcare industry with the rising of more role played by these technology-backed machines and computers in various sub-fields. In image diagnosis with more improved accuracy and faster results making it easier for the radiologist community to provide personalized treatment planning to patients.

Though a myth was developed against AI that is a threat in the medical imaging community but now thinking has changed, instead, the demand for AI in healthcare sector and the interest of radiologist in this technology has significantly increased in the past years with promising investments by tech giants in AI imaging technology worldwide. As per the search, the capital investment in this machine learning solution for medical imaging is growing and the trend is likely to continue further in upcoming years.

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More Participation of AI in Healthcare Communication

The communication process between the patient-physician or communication between different healthcare organs is affected due to many factors causing the communication gap or mortalities to arise due to delay in communication. With the rise of involvement in AI, the communication process in the healthcare industry the problems and healthcare-related issues can be addressed quickly. As per the research, most of the medical errors occur due to miscommunication between caretakers during the patient transfer and medical supplies.

Various AI developers have already launched AI-enabled medical apps to communicate with and monitor patients. Further, sighting the signs of progress in this field the communication process between patients and medical support service providers is likely to improve doctor-patient communication and improve the treatments. The AI-enabled Chatbots, apps, and virtual assistance devices will help to schedule appointments with medical centers or provide faster information on various queries requested by patients.

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Will Help to Reduce the Medical Dosage Errors

In the healthcare industry, Medication and dosage errors are one the leading causes of unanticipated deaths that can be easily prevented if such errors are avoided in various situations. If AI-backed services are integrated into this field, it will help the healthcare sector to save the billions of dollars of this industry that can be used to develop more research centers.

AI can process and interpret the large quality of healthcare training data to develop useful applications for this industry. Further in 2019, with more innovative developments in AI, it will serve as a major advantage for the healthcare industry and also help to make the administration and applications of medical dosage more precise to control the unanticipated deaths and increase the reliability of patients in this technology.

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