How AI Chatbots Customer Service Enables Better Business Performance?

April 10, 2018 3 min read By Cogito Tech. 970 views

With the evolution of digitalization, people are now well-connected with each other through various modes of communication on different devices like computers/laptops, smartphones, and other electronic equipment. Companies are also taking advantage of such digital platforms and developing more robotic customer service centers to help users and solve their queries as per their needs and feasibility with a quick response time.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based business applications are now widely accepted at all types of AI-enabled devices and machines like smart devices, drones to self-service kiosks and self-driving vehicles, etc. With the time being, people are becoming more habitual at the same time comfortable with AI and its benefits especially when it comes to the customer service experience.

AI based Virtual Assistant services and Chatbots are taking place of human customer service to assist users anytime as per their ease. Chatbots are specially designed to automatically chat with clients to answer their queries or receive feedback towards a particular product or service. The main motive of developing Chatbots is to minimize human interference and right here under this blog, we would discuss how AI-based ChatBots enabling businesses to perform better.

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How it is improving the Customer Experience and Business Performance?

Natural Language Understanding Bots

One of the most interesting parts of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning as a service service-enabled chatbot is that such customer-oriented applications can understand natural languages like speech or texts used by humans for normal conversation. Natural language processing (NLP) equipped chatbots can provide an interaction just like humans do to make B2C engagement managed without human interference. NLP-based ChatBots lead to a conversational workflow with around-the-clock customer support service.

Business Intelligence with Chatbots

Interacting with customers directly is now changing its dynamics. Nowadays, making direct contact with a customer becomes crucial, as they need quick answers to their queries. And if you do not interact with your customers timely your business or website might be criticized or will have negative ratings. Chatbots can provide real-time communication to understand the problems of the customers and respond to them instantly with the right answers. With this attitude and applicability, such an application is gaining traction and offers businesses a great opportunity to improve their relations with their customers.

Scheduling the Important Tasks

Hiring many employees for customer service is costlier than implementing a Chatbot that can attend to multiple types of customers at a time with the same efficiency. As Chatbots are fully automated they can allow administrations to switch many consumers simultaneously. By integrating Chatbots in the place of human agents you will not only able to save employee overheads but will also avoid the mistakes and technical errors done by the human agents. It is also useful in scheduling meetings and assigns similar tasks with good results. The right mix of Chatbot training data set is used to develop such applications so that they can learn while interacting with customers and respond accordingly.

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Chatbots can provide a convenient platform for users to ask their queries and get the most suitable answers. No doubt it has become a powerful tool for businesses to keep them engaged and improve their customer relationships. Moreover, it can perform repetitive tasks without fatigue like humans and it can perform each task efficiently in less time than is possible only when you choose the right bot builder AI platform.

Every technology has pros and cons, as it is an AI-based system, hence such models need a huge amount of machine learning chatbot data that can cost you in terms of GPU cost increase making chatbot more expensive. However, with the help of suitable technology and the right resources, you can produce highly interactive and cost-effective Chatbots to get quality results helping you improve your overall business performance.

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