Customization in Data Labeling: Tailoring EDLS for Specific AI Use Cases

December 2, 2023 3 min read By Cogito Tech. 523 views

Customization is very important for businesses to keep up with the race. Hence, Cogito offers detailed and customized data labeling services for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Today large language models (LLMs) have taken the center stage by revolutionizing AI digital interactions. Hence, it is of utmost importance to deploy accurate and qualitative data labeling techniques to ensure your AI model produces fresh and accurate output every time.

Data labelers and vendors must supervise and blend data quality with human expertise to ensure ethical work practices. Creating a data repository for LLMs implies having a varied and domain-centric expertise. It also gives data vendors a chance to establish a seasoned team of experts to impart their knowledge throughout a data labeling project.

Enterprise Data Labeling Services (EDLS) helps in addressing the following key challenges faced by organizations:

EDLS helps in addressing the following key challenges
  1. Time-consuming: Manual data labeling is a time-consuming task. However, it is an essential step in key applications as in spite of organizations taking an automated approach, it still requires setting up.
  2. Scalability: Annotating large datasets manually in a limited time is a challenging exercise as organizations cannot scale up immediately to meet TAT.
  3. Human error: Data labeling is prone to human error owing to coding or manual entry. This may result in machine learning bias and inaccuracy in data processing.
  4. Costly: It’s a costly exercise as it’s an expensive exercise to hire human annotators to manage the data.

Cogito’s Enterprise Data Labeling Solutions

We understand that enterprise grade data labeling requires scalable and budget-friendly solutions. Through our services, we assist organizations in saving time and diverting their focus to more strategic initiatives.

EDLS permits customization of models pertaining to specific applications or domains. It enables the models to learn key patterns and features for that domain through data labeling specific to that domain. It also enables models to predict or classify as per specific domains.

Our services can be fine-tuned to cater to specific domains. We also ensure quality services through diverse annotation teams, integrating services with RLHF, and prioritizing data authenticity. Our flexible approach ensures we can tailor our solutions as per specific use case.

Key Features of Our Enterprise Data Labeling Solutions

Key features of our EDLS
  1. Domain-specific Solutions via Fine-Tuning: We ensure that machine learning models and analytics are built on domain-relevant data for driving superior results and actionable insights.
  2. Data Excellence: We ensure data quality or excellence by incorporating rigorous data collection and annotation methods backed by top-tier anonymization processes. We mitigate biases, ensure data integrity, and reliability by carrying out regular audits and feedback cycles.
  3. Diverse Annotation Teams: We leverage a diverse pool of annotators to cut across various linguistic, academic, and cultural backgrounds. This diversity translates into data that comprehensively captures global nuances making AI systems universally competent and culturally sensitive.
  4. Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF): We use RLHF to ensure our machine learning models evolve iteratively and improve with human-in-the-loop feedback. RLHF combines the computational strengths of AI with the qualitative judgments of human experts resulting in robust, refined, and resilient AI models.
  5. Respect for Intellectual Property: Our EDLS is engineered to ensure AI models are trained on genuine and ethically-sourced data. We prioritize data authenticity and uphold the highest ethical standards to ensure that AI models are trained on genuine, ethically-sourced data, aligning technological advancements with moral responsibility.
  6. Certified Workforce: We offer an experienced, certified, and platform agnostic workforce to ensure tasks are accomplished efficiently. We offer domain experts as per our client’s requirements. We are also well-equipped to offer you an on-shore or off-shore workforce.
  7. Service Level Agreements: As a company, we are committed to adhering to the SLAs, maintaining quality, performing a quick analysis of your business, and creating your new success story. If your business grows, we can scale up at any time. We’re committed to ensuring complete client satisfaction when it comes to developing AI training data for machine learning models.
  8. 24 x 7 Services: We offer round the clock services adhering to specific TAT and project delivery times as per your project’s requirement.
  9. Data Security & Governance: We ensure data security as we value our customers at every step of the way. We offer different levels of security (two to three tiers) as per the sensitivity of your data.
  10. Customized Pricing Plans: We offer our customers’ scope for flexible pricing based on demand. Our customers can look forward to paying less in case there’s increased demand leading to economies of scale.

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Summing up

Machine learning and deep learning systems need large quantities of data for setting up a foundation for reliable learning patterns. Hence, the data utilized by them for learning should be annotated or labelled as per data features to assist the model in organizing the data into patterns for producing the desired response.

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