medical coding and billing annotation
Healthcare 04 Sep 2021

The Healthcare sector is among the largest and most critical service sectors, globally. Recent events like the Covid-19 pandemic have furthered the challenge to handle medical emergencies with contemplative capacity and infrastructure.

Healthcare 18 Jul 2021

Modern technology like Artificial Intelligence is assisting doctors and other health professionals in delivering more accurate diagnoses, making better decisions, and delivering more personalized care. However, to build an advanced AI-enabled healthc...

Healthcare 18 Jul 2021

AI in healthcare is becoming more prevalent with more advanced and effective computer vision-based machine learning model developments.

Healthcare 19 Jul 2021

The highly contagious disease coronavirus or COVID-19 spreading rapidly confronted healthcare professionals globally with unprecedented clinical trials and diagnostic challenges.

Healthcare 19 Jul 2021

AI in healthcare is now playing a life-sustaining role in helping people to get accurate treatment with timely diagnosis of various types of diseases.

Healthcare 19 Jul 2021

Machines are getting trained through computer vision which is helping them to recognize the objects with in-depth analysis of their various attributes. And computer vision is now highly used in AI and ML-based project developments.