A Deep Insight into Content Moderation & Its Types

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Content moderation is the process of screening and monitoring user-generated content based on platform-specific rules and guidelines so that the content is either approved or rejected for publication on the platform. The moderation process is a way for websites to ensure that content submitted by users adheres to the website’s rules, and is not illegal, inappropriate, harassing, etc. 

Online platforms with rich user-generated content, such as social media platforms, online marketplaces, sharing economies, dating sites, communities, and forums, all use content moderation in some way.

Why Content Moderation? 

Scalable content moderation allows you to place content in its context and validity for online publishing, having determined its authenticity and intent for the platforms’ usefulness. Users’ profiles, replies, images, videos, links, and out-of-context terms & language are checked. The content would be classifiable accordingly if it turns out inappropriate for online posting on your website. Here comes the content moderation — it aims at eliminating every unuseful text from the website that in any sense seems to be abusive, explicit, or full of foul language. 

The following reasons are why you should choose content moderation services for streamlining the user-generated content on your website: 

• Improve your brand visibility
• Scale up your campaigns
• Improve the buying process and behavior
• Enhance customer relationships
• Protect your brand and users 
• Understand your customers and users
• Protect your brand and users

Moderation is for Online Scrutiny of Users’ Content

Content can be moderated by examining and analyzing it prior to publishing. Moderators review and approve content creators’ submissions before they get posted. Occasionally, it can be frustrating for users, such as those reviewing products on e-commerce platforms. As a result, customer engagement may also decrease. Based on recent findings of a premier global data research firm, around 90% of users prefer to take a look around the user-generated content, i.e., the comments, reviews, and feedback, before choosing to buy anything online from e-commerce stores.

Though the website operator can provide users with the freedom and flexibility to have their posts published immediately, the moderation queue could also be set up for the content for later review. Keeping the user-generated content under scrutiny is crucial with the increased significance of user-generated content in the digital space. under The website operator/owner may later choose to remove the offensive pieces of content after being flagged by the content moderator. 

Content Moderation Types

Digital platforms use content moderation in some or other ways based on their purposes, such as social media, moderation, community, gaming, children websites, and marketplace content moderation. This post presents 10 of the most popular forms of content moderation. Having gone through the post will provide you with deep insight into platform-specific forms of content moderation and how you can leverage its potential for  calibrating and correcting the user-generated content on your website.

Here are the 10 most commonly known types of content moderation: 

1. Social Media Content Moderation

Moderation of social media content is the process of censoring posts on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumbler. Content that is objectionable or offensive to anyone, such as pornographic videos, photos, or pictures. A team of content moderators keeps a watch on such content after it is posted and removes it before it gets visible to others.

As far as social media content moderation is concerned, it effectively starts with strict content posting rules, guidelines, restrictions, and policies on each platform which followers and users must  strictly adhere to. Based on posting and publishing guidelines, users are encouraged to interact and participate in healthy content postings and interactions. Additionally, it prevents users from posting and uploading undesirable content on social networking sites.

2. Community Moderation Services

It is important for forums and web communities to be vibrant, interactive, and engaging. Cogito boasts an in-house team of experts to moderate discussions and conversations across the web. Managing an active and orderly online forum or community is important for keeping information and ideas flowing. Should you need a dedicated team to monitor the process, we are here for you.

The importance of working with online community moderation experts capable of handling various types of digital  communities cannot be overstated. In addition to resolving member conflicts and eliminating abusive content, community moderation and management experts can block spammers and scammers from interacting on the forum. Our community moderation services can assist you in setting up a community channel that promotes healthy discussions among members.  

3. Gaming Site Moderation Services

Gaming is competitive, which makes in-game chats prone to being heated. No gaming website or application is suitable for inflammatory, abusive, or any form of offensive content to be shared among players. This is where gaming site moderation services arrive to make your gaming site and application clutter-free, i.e., free from abusive stuff that tends to malign your prestige and prominence as a game developer.

Anyone who attempts to hack the system should be flagged and banned. Automated moderation processes can identify Aimbots, trigger bots, scripters, and booster accounts. As part of our content  moderation process, we automate flagging processes that remove abusive words, inappropriate terms, and prohibited subjects from games. This helps us maintain a more fun, healthy, and wholesome gaming environment for everyone.

4. Children Website Moderation

Nowadays, kids are more likely to stumble upon information inappropriate for their age due to the easily accessible internet. It is possible for kids to suffer severe consequences from using the internet without restrictions. In the course of watching tutorials and studying material on websites such as YouTube or any other video content website, kids may accidentally click on something inappropriate.

It is not recommended for children to be exposed to adult or violent content at an early age, as it may result in sexism and objectification while also developing violent behavior in youth.  While you help the younger crowd gain valuable information for academic purposes, our children website moderation services can protect your knowledge-sharing platform from inappropriate user content, suspicious online behavior, and hacking attempts. 

5. Marketplace Content Moderation

Moderation of content is crucial to the marketplace’s success and ensuring that all products available meet a certain standard, both in terms of their content and presentation. A marketplace owner can also benefit from quality marketplace content moderation by detecting deceptive or fraudulent postings that can damage its good reputation.

Manual moderation will usually be sufficient when there are only a few vendors and products on a new marketplace; automated  moderation is more likely to be the preferred approach for larger, more mature marketplaces. A marketplace must excel in several areas when it comes to content moderation, and Cogito, with years of marketplace exposure, can be a significant help for e-commerce content moderation

6. Image & Video Moderation

Millions of users share images, videos, and other forms of media content online every day. Most of such media content shared by users online can be inappropriate, offensive, obscene, or even illegal for online posting in many instances. Brands and vulnerable groups may suffer significant harm from user-generated media content if left unsupervised. If this is the case with your website, the image & video moderation services are what you must look for to get the trouble over.

As a comprehensive content moderation expert, Cogito can handle all aspects of image and video moderation, automatically filtering unsafe content in photos, videos, and live streams. By filtering and  flagging user-generated visual media containing nudity, weapons, drugs, offensive and hate symbols, infamous people and landmarks, and offensive language, you can keep your customers and brand reputation safe against unsuitable media content.

7. Dating Website Moderation

People are more open to finding love online today than ever before. As the network opens to a larger group of users, filtering and controlling the influx of legitimate users and catfishers becomes more challenging. Dating website moderation services can be a way to ensure a safe online environment for dating website members.

Providing online dating site moderation services tailored to fit the dynamics and demands of the service is what we do. We verify photos and profiles constantly to attract more genuine users to your site. Improve your online dating platform’s responsiveness, usability, and appeal to members looking for real dating prospects online. 

8. Campaign Moderation

Several platforms across the web implement the practice of content moderation to ensure that user-generated content is created in accordance with the platform’s guidelines to eliminate spam and abuse. By moderating content, social media can assure that no hate speech will increase, and the communities can remain free of offensive and restricted material.

Campaign Moderation involves automated and reactive moderation aimed at ensuring inappropriate content does not appear on websites and mass communication platforms, including social networking sites  and digital campaigns. You can manage your presence across various content platforms with Campaign Moderation services rendered by Cogito. A dedicated team of experts, each with their own role, is assigned to carry out the campaign within a concise time. 

9. Publishing Content Moderation

Readers respond in various ways to the news articles or blogs posted. Readers express their reactions over there by posting comments, likes, dislikes, or shares. It is not uncommon for readers to express their negative reactions by using provocative language in the comment sections. Maintaining a clean platform for other readers requires controlling or removing such content from published articles.

Using Content Moderation, you can prevent spam comments from appearing on published content and other offensive behavior. With a round-the-clock publishing content moderation service, all online content,  whether it be a news article, blog, or video, can be moderated. The Cogito team monitors offensive content published on various platforms closely with the help of a team of highly skilled moderators.  

10. Metaverse Moderation

The current state of augmented and virtual reality devices shows that people react strongly to the Metaverse with an immediate and emotional response, similar to their offline reactions. An attack in the Metaverse in which someone waves a virtual knife in your face or verbally threatens you is not a virtual experience at all. It is imperative that this type of material in the Metaverse be flagged and removed through appropriately implemented Metaverse moderation practices.

The Metaverse is a dynamic ecosystem with a wide range of applications, including gaming and virtual and augmented reality. A wide range of businesses, including social networking sites, online education, retail, online business, and dating services, may use the platform. However, users here may be found sharing abusive, violent, and harassing  content on the media operating in the Metaverse. This leads to the need for metaverse moderation to make Metaverse a safe ecosystem for users and businesses. 

Final Thought

Your brand’s authenticity, relatability, approachability, and friendliness depend on well-moderated content on your website. You will likely boost customer relations and credibility by featuring real customer or user content on your website. Maintain a safe community while building your brand’s visibility online using Cogito’s content moderation expertise. Encourage users to submit authentic content in line with your platform-specific guidelines in order to increase user engagement. 

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