Rise of Artificial Intelligence is raising fears that efficient machines are likely to take over human jobs. To the contrary, as per the research, AI will help augment the abilities of human workers and could play the role of job creator. Just like other past disruptive technologies AI will also create new opportunities for jobs. Here are the top 5 professions that stand to grow with the rise of AI.

Data Scientists

Data scientist analyzes data to understand complex behaviors, trends, and inferences, discovering unseen insights that help companies to take better business decisions. Data scientists are new breed of analytical data experts and can play a role as part mathematician, computer scientist, and part trend spotter.
Online video streaming service providers and eCommerce companies are using data scientists for customers viewing patterns, their interest and shopping behaviors to understand the future demand. This pattern learning helps companies to plan production or new launches accordingly.
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AI or Machine Learning Engineers

To synchronize their work now most of the machine learning engineers are partnering with data scientist. Data scientist have stronger skills in statistics and analytics while ML engineers would have more expertise in computer science that is favorable for stronger coding abilities while working on any project based on AI and ML technology.

AI Hardware Specialists

Jobs in AI is not only associated with software and programming. Manufacturing AI related hardware such a GPU chips also requires specialized man-power. Big companies are now entering into developing their own specialized chips. Intel, Qualcomm and IBM are now developing chips especially for machine learning and creating hardware architecture that mirrors the design of neural networks and can execute like them as well.

Data Labeling Professionals

Along with increase in demand for data collection services, demand for data labeling professionals is also surging and likely to increase at faster rate in near future. Data labeling involves curation of data, in which raw data is taken, cleaned and organized for machines to consume. Proper labeling allows AI scientists to train machines in new tasks.

Data Labeling Professionals

Data Protection Specialists

With the rise in demand of data related services and machine learning models in various industries, its protection also becomes a hot profession among IT specialists.  There are many types of role a data protection specialist can play like Data auditing, access control, encryption, backups, application security and many more similar responsibilities.
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Usually, databases are secured against hackers through various security measures like network-based intrusion detection systems and firewalls etc. However, securing such important database structures and networking programs or functions and data within them becoming more challenging due to increase access to open network through internet.

Without Human analysis and judgment AI & ML would be not possible

AI will create more jobs than it will destroy, because without involving humans, the process of organizing, analyzing and drawing actionable conclusions from data in not possible. This makes the role of humans more significant especially for creating, implementing, and protecting AI technologies.

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