• doing more with chatboot
    Chatbots 21-10-2021

    The digital horizon has broadened with various technology stacks bringing in new features and additions for enhancing the capabilities of products and services.

Content Moderation 13-10-2021

More than any industry, the gamer’s sect has been more responsive to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for developing immersive game experiences.

Intelligent Document Processing
Document Processing 05-10-2021

The global insurance sector covers health, life, automotive, property, professional and business-related insurance, and claims processing services.

content moderation
Content Moderation 28-09-2021

Online platforms that allow users to communicate and share information publicly. User-generated content (UGC), particularly on dating websites, adds to the depth and variety of information on the internet.

Transcription Services

Today’s advanced technology is ubiquitous to a range of human jobs, habits, and activities. In the real world, however, different forms of human intervention are helping us reach out to solutions with manual work.

Natural Language Processing As Machine Learning Approach
NLP 06-09-2021

We are living in an age where we simply need to speak to the VA (voice assistant) and command to get things done for us. This is where NLP or Natural language processing with AI comes into the picture.

medical coding and billing annotation
Healthcare 27-08-2021

The Healthcare sector is among the largest and most critical service sectors, globally. Recent events like the Covid-19 pandemic have furthered the challenge to handle medical emergencies with contemplative capacity and infrastructure.