Assisting Scientists in Space Exploration

Advances in artificial intelligence have allowed us to make advances in a variety of fields.

Role of Data Annotation in Agriculture in AI
Annotation 24-11-2021

Computer vision models are assisting farmers in a variety of ways, from crop and produce monitoring to livestock and aquaculture.

AI in drug discovery
Healthcare 10-11-2021

AI continues to streamline several processes in the medical field. Artificial intelligence in the medical field has already been adding value to medical diagnostics.

Search Relevance in E-commerce.jpg

Search relevance is a known phenomenon. It has powered user search on some of the major search engines and ecommerce web portals of the world.

Visual Search
Visual Search 28-10-2021

When we mention the term ‘search’, it typically conveys finding. Counting what technology changed over the years, search serves as the very beginning of the online ecosystem that empowers billions of businesses across the internet.

doing more with chatboot
Chatbots 21-10-2021

The digital horizon has broadened with various technology stacks bringing in new features and additions for enhancing the capabilities of products and services.