Audio Annotation Services – Sound & Speech Annotation

Audio or speech recorded in any format is made understandable to machines through Machine Learning. NLP-based speech recognition models require annotated audios to make such sounds more comprehensible to applications like chatbot or virtual assistant devices. Cogito provides audio annotation services that equip your recorded sounds or speech with added metadata to make the human – bot interaction even more meaningful.

Sound Annotation for Speech Recognition

All types of sounds recorded as audio files can be annotated with additional keynotes and suitable metadata. The Cogito annotation team is capable of exploring the audio features and annotating the corpus with intelligent audio information. Each word in the audio is carefully listened to by the annotators in order to recognize the speech correctly with our sound annotation service.

Sound Annotation for Speech Recognition

Speech Annotation for NLP in Machine Learning

The speech in an audio file contains different words and sentences that are meant for the listeners. Making such phrases in the audio files recognizable to machines is possible, using a special data labeling technique while annotating the audio. In NLP or NLU, machine algorithms for speech recognition need audio linguistic annotation to recognize such audios.


Audio Labeling & Annotation with Right Tool

Annotating a speech using the right technique is vital for a truthful understanding of audio files and recorded sounds. Cogito operates with the best-in-class audio annotation tool used in the industry to annotate segments in them using the given labels. We use the best-in-class audio annotation tool with accurate tagging using the ontology to understand the sound.


Why Cogito for Annotating Audio/Speech?

Cogito specialises in the data annotation services and provides you high-quality training data for machine learning and AI thereby, enriching your whole experience. For NLP and speech recognition, it also offers text annotation and NLP annotation services with additional proficiency in image annotation service. Hence, while considering such mastery in annotation services, Cogito would be the best option for outsourcing audio annotation needs with the most affordable pricing.