Training Data for AI & ML with Human Empowered Automation

Innovation is our nucleus. Cogito shoulders AI enterprises and business initiatives by deploying a proficient workforce for data annotation, content moderation and any other data processing services. Our data enrichment services provide One-Stop Solutions for all your data-related needs. Our scalable, immensely experienced, brilliant minds unite their knowledge to meet your requirements swiftly with precise accuracy while maintaining full data security and confidentiality.

Our Services

Cogito specializes in providing Human-in-the-Loop workforce solutions. Our in-house workforce of 1000+ trained experts has 10+ years of experience enriching a wide variety of data types including text, image, audio & video. We offer significant speed, scale & cost benefits to our clients. Our partnerships span across USA, UK, Europe, and include 100+ companies. Become our partner today!

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Get your Images, Videos and Lidar data labeled with the highest accuracy. Our team is trained to handle extremely complex labeling use cases for your AI Algorithms.

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NLP Services

NLP Services

Label text data for application in Conversational AI, Sentiment Analysis and Chatbots. We handle complex taxonomies and support upto 35+ languages.

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Content Moderation

Content Moderation

Keep your communities, forums & websites safe by using our workforce to moderate User Generated Content. We provide 24×7 services.

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Data Processing

Data Processing

Deploy Cogito’s workforce for any data processing and data enrichment tasks. Our platform agnostic workforce can be trained on any platform.

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why cogito services

Why Cogito?

We specializes in Human Empowered Automation. Our mission is to help our customers innovate and scale by solving their day-to-day data needs. Using our skilled on-demand workforce, we partner with Artificial Intelligence, Technology and eCommerce clients to develop high-quality data sets used to build and enhance various cutting-edge business applications.

The Cogito Difference

Delivering cost-effective, highly accurate, completely scalable, and secure data enrichment solutions for Businesses and AI Enterprises.

Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce

We recruit, train, certify and manage a highly skilled workforce. Crowdsourcing is not our cup of tea. Our people are our core strength and our greater asset.

Best In Class Accuracy

Best-In-Class Accuracy

Cogito’s skilled workforce delivers best-in-class accuracy and data integrity. We deploy customised quality assurance workflows and pride ourselves in delivering 99.5% quality work.


Highly Scalable

Scaling teams quickly is in our DNA. Leverage our experts to scale your business to reach new heights. Increase or downsize as per your business needs.

Data Security

Data Security

Process data with confidence. Our full-time employees work from a SOC2 Type II, GDPR and HIPPA compliant environment that ensures data privacy and confidentiality.

Helping 100+ Companies Achieve AI Excellence

Client Testimonials

“High Quality Labeling, Iterative Process with Insight

We worked with Cogito on a large dataset for machine learning. Cogito gave the best result when we ran the pilot with several vendors. When we ran into accuracy issues, the team identified them, retrained the workforce several times, improved the labeling processes and fixed the issues each time. The communication remained fast and effective. The project was very a great success, let alone the reasonable pricing! Would work with them again and highly recommend the same!”

Leading Tech Firm Client

High quality labeling

“Quality Pointcloud Labelling Service

Cogito proved to be an exceptionally good choice for the pointcloud labeling services needed in our company. Very professional team, extremely responsive and easy to interact with. The work was delivered in timely & excellent quality labelling work. Highly recommended team for anyone looking to label lidar/pointcloud data.”

Data scientist at Fugro
Data scientist

point cloud labelling service

“Very Satisfied

Cogito was recommended to us after some unsatisfying labeling campaigns on a quite difficult task. They handled it very well and the communication was easy and efficient. They have proven to be very reactive and serious.”

Adrien Fontvielle
R&D Leader @ Enlaps

labeling campaign

“Satisfied Customer

Given the current state of everything with COVID19, I am sure it was not easy for Cogito to adjust. Initially, there were some difficulties, but Cogito team was there to help each time. As one can imagine, written instructions can be difficult, but their team continually communicated with me to deliver quality work. They took our feedback and improved, and in the end, they gave us great results. We plan to use their service again in the future, and we highly recommend others to consider Cogito team for their labeling job as well!”

Jae P

quality work

“Excellent Service

Cogito showed great flexibility with our specific needs. We had a variety of image classification tasks, some of which exceedingly difficult, and they handled all the nuances well. Of usefulness is the ability to do iterative coaching when the task at hand requires it. For our difficult tasks – that coaching was quickly iterated through, with feedback, and well assimilated by their team, which resulted in highly accurate data labels. They are also very quick to respond to any queries and help in ironing out the workflow.”

M. Velikov

Excellent service

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