3D Cuboid Annotation Service for In-depth Object Recognition

3D cuboid annotation for in-depth detection of objects creating data sets to train the 3D perception model. Cogito provides 3D cuboid image annotation service with next level of accuracy to build the ground truth datasets for object of interest at affordable cost.

3D-enabled Perception for Self-driving Cars

Autonomous vehicles learn the best scenario from 3D cuboid annotation that helps to recognize through 2D images or videos for precise detection of such objects. Cogito is doing 3D cuboid image annotation precisely helping self-driving cars sense the other moving objects and provide the right information to system for trouble-free driving.

3D-enabled Self-driving Cars
Precise Segmentation Indoor Objects

Precise Segmentation of Indoor Objects

3D cuboid annotation makes the indoor objects like furniture recognizable to AI perception model through computer vision. Images captured by 2D cameras are annotated with third dimension to build a 3D simulated scenario for computer vision detect the interior items for accurate dimension with their precise attributes.

3D Cuboid Annotation for Robot Training

Autonomous machines like robots get better training with 3D cuboid annotated images, making the objects recognizable to their perception model. Warehouses and automobile industry utilize the power of computer vision for machines through 3D cuboid annotation and make the robots become familiar with such objects in real-life use.

3D Cuboid Annotation for Robot Training
3D Cuboid Image Annotation with Cogito

Why 3D Cuboid Image Annotation with Cogito?

Cogito has gained the significant years of experience working with world-class companies. Each task here is annotated by well-trained and qualified annotators with multiple layers of quality check by humans ensuring the consistency of accuracy. We have supplied machine learning training data sets for computer vision to well-known companies.

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