Best Image Recognition Service with Pixel Perfection

Mark every image with focused image annotation service to measure the dimension from pixel-to-pixel for annotating every image perfectly. Right tools and technology with precise algorithm is necessary to get the results with highest accuracy. Cogito specializes in image annotation technology and image annotation deep learning services.

Wide-ranging Technology is used for Image Recognition

Semantic Segmentation, Cuboids, Polygons, 2D & 3D Bounding Boxes, Points and Lines are the comprehensive tools used with latest API to annotate pictures correctly. The right tools and API is applicable as per the situation and industries of operations for best results.

Why Image Annotation Tool and API is Useful?

Image annotation services offered with modern tools and suitable APIs offer great value for the business. It has multiple usages in different scenarios as per the business nature and mode of operations. It can create database from scratch, update database sheet objects, can combine various datasets and also helps in training dataset creation.

Why Cogito for Image Recognition Service?

Cogito’s trained workforce helps annotate images using a series of manual processes and high-end technology software to offer a faster scale image annotation deep learning suite to build a high-quality dataset for computer vision models. We promise to help you to increase your capacities to get work done fast with improved efficiency.

Bounding Boxes


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