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How to Build Training Data for Computer Vision?

Image May 21, 2018 Training Data Services cogito tech

The groundbreaking applications of Artificial intelligence are attracting tech multinationals like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook to work on

Top Four Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Image May 11, 2018 AI in Healthcare cogito tech

Artificial intelligence is becoming more useful in various industries allowing users to develop autonomous applications that can help them in performing various

Why You Need to Use Audio Transcription Service in Your Business?

Image April 23, 2018 Audio Transcription Service,Transcription Services cogito tech

Audio transcription is becoming the need for business organizations helping them to save time and gain insight to get the benefits from a precise textual account

How AI Chatbots Customer Service Enables Better Business Performance?

Image April 11, 2018 Chatbot Training Services cogito tech

With the evolution of digitalization, people are now well-connected with each other through various modes of communication on different devices like

What are the Common Myths about Machine Learning?

Image March 30, 2018 Machine Learning cogito tech

Machine Learning (ML), a one of the hottest technology in the IT industry providing another interesting opportunity for techies to developed AI based

What are the Different Types of Content Moderation You Need to Know?

Image March 16, 2018 Content Moderation Services cogito tech

Ever-increasing online spamming and scamming especially on social media are impacting the official pages of businesses affecting their brand image and

What Does a Virtual Assistant do and what are the key areas it works?

Image March 6, 2018 Virtual Assistant cogito tech

People around us always need a kind of assistance to help them at various stage of life even for daily activities. A human can’t assist another person everywhere

What are Chatbots and how they are changing the World of Business?

Image February 21, 2018 Chatbot Training Services cogito tech

Artificial intelligence is increasing its footprints almost everywhere helping humans to perform various tasks independently with automated

What is Transcription of Documents and how it is done?

Image February 13, 2018 Transcription Services cogito tech

A document transcribed properly reproduces what the speaker has conveyed literally to his audience or the words exchanged during the conversation

How Visual Search is Helpful for Ecommerce Industry?

Image February 5, 2018 Visual Search cogito tech

To search anything on internet or other websites with written texts in well organize manners are earlier the only way to find the things you are looking for.